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Unable to access old account, created of new.


I am Fyyre.  Perhaps some remember me, perhaps not ... is unimportant.


I am "Old school" developer of LA2.  I discover and make work such things as: buildzone (geodata from LA2 client), chat in game with non-English characters, for many years I remove WinLicnse from core.dll, engine.dll and nwindow.dll allowing for other developer to make study of game client.


Beyond this I produce somethings such as update of HideToolz, and method for removal of "driver signing and kernel patch protection" with old friend.


2007 or so(anyone remember post pacific?...), I get involved in LA2 off server development.  Was friend of Vanganth, Fr3dBr, testdue, mrmac.  Lost contact with all... I stop LA2 in 2012.


Consideration of start again ... however, I already create extender for CT2.3, not wish repeat 2012... I searching for -> Classic, H5 or GoD.  Offering in trade items of greater value for one of the three la2 off server files.


If wish contact me, send PM.  I do use any chat w/o strong encryption.  Email correspondence must encrypt with GNUPG/PGP.



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Griunvaldas    0

Fyyre. The legendary man.

You, sir, are that person who deserves beer for free, lots of beer.

Keep it up and welcome back to Maxcheaters

21 hours ago, smeli said:

welcome back

You need some free beer too mate :D

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