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General Information of Valzeroth
Basic Information
Experience Rates: x500
SP Rates: x500
Adena: x 15
Party Exp: x 1.5
Party SP: X 1.5
Enchant Rates
Safe +4 for armor
Safe +4 for weapons
Normal Enchant Scrolls 65%
Blessed Max Enchant +12 for Armor (Blessed Scrolls Rate 75%)
Blessed Max Enchant +14 for Weapons (Blessed Scrolls Rate 75%)
Crystal max +14 for Armor(45% if item wont succesfully enchant will drop one enchant bellow.)
Crystal max +18 for Weapons(45% if item wont succesfully enchant will drop one enchant bellow.)
You can enchant with Normal Scrolls from 0 to +16/+18.(No enchant restrictions)
 Augmentation Rates
Normal life stone lvl 76 - 2%
Mid Life stone lvl 76 - 4%
High grade life stone lvl 76 8%
Top grade life stone lvl 76 17%
Olympiad Life Stone 100%(Reward from acurring hero status)
General Information
Login Bonus Rewards
Clan Check In Reward
Auto loot
Buff slots 24+4
Subclass & Class Change Free
New H5 olympiad System
Solo and Party Dungeons
New Territory Wars system from H5
Sieges & Manors working l2off like
Skills & classes based on retail l2off balance
Flawless Geodata & Pathnodes
Max subclasses 3
Augments 1+1
Economy System
Weekend zone with boosted drops
2 Custom Eola Bosses (Chaotic & non-Chaotic)
Party Zone changes every day to a new zone
Party Zone split to 2 parts - Normal & Chaotic
Olympiad Games Retail like (with some custom restrictions)
Epic Boss zones are Chaotic
Unique Gameplay
Many more features!
Custom Features & Information
Monthly Login Reward:
Every day at 18:00 UTC +3 You can click on the Monthly login Reward panel and acquire amazing reward just by loging every day in Lineage 2 Eola game servers.
Daily and Party Quest :
Daily Quests are 5 Quests which you can make daily in the world of Valzaroth x500
By completing those quests you will gain ussefull rewards and supplies(Reseting every day at 18:00 UTC+3)
Party Quests, Party quests are 2 Quests which requires a full party to be complete, finish the party rewards and gain amazing rewards for you and your clan mates!
Custom Party zone
The party zone is split in 2 parts: Normal & Chaotic zone. You can choose the spot you want to teleport at the gatekeeper.
The Normal part of the party zone has less drops than the Chaotic.
In the Chaotic part, there is a Mini-Boss which spawns every 3 hours and has good drops.
You can only enter the party zone with a party of 3 players at least.
The party zone changes every day to a new zone.
Party Matching & Boss Hunting.
You can search for party in our party matching system, for bosses, for pvp, for farm and ctrl.
System works easy and smoothly, you only need to select what party you looking for , and our party matching system will automatically search a party that fits you!
How ever, you can also see all the parties in in our server live, and ask leader to join them, by a just single button ''Party request''.
Eola's Custom Bosses
1 - Eola's Spirit - Chaotic (Hard)
Eola's Spirit - Chaotic is located in a Chaotic zone and it spawns 1 time a day at 24:00 (GMT+3)
It drops 2 Random Boss Jewel boxes (a box that when you open it, it gives you a random epic boss jewel),
along with various other goods.
The drops go to the party or player that dealt the most damage.
2 - Eola's Spirit - Normal (Medium)
Eola's Spirit - Normal spawns 2 times a day: 18:00, 3:00 (GMT+3)
It drops 1 Random Boss Jewel boxes (a box that when you open it, it gives you a random epic boss jewel),
along with various other goods.
The 1 boxes are given to 1 random players that participated in killing the boss, which means it does NOT matter if you did more damage, you have to be lucky.
The other drops go to the party or player that dealt the most damage.
(It can only give to 1 player per HWID. in any case you have 1 players from same computer.
Custom Bosses for raid tokens & special drops.
3 Bosses in Ketra (Hekaton, Tayr, Brakki) 6 hours respawn time 30 minutes +/- window.
3 Bosses in Varka (Shadith, Horus, Mos) 6 hours respawn time 30 minutes +/- window.
1 Bosses in FoG Lower (Ember) 6 hours respawn time 30 minutes +/- window.
1 Bosses in Hot Springs (Hestia) 6 hours respawn time 30 minutes +/- window.
Grand Bosses
You need Quest items retail like in order to go inside on the Epic Bosses(Quest items can be found for free in GM SHOP)
Valakas respawn time 96 hours (+/- 3h window) 
Antharas respawn time 96 hours (+/- 3h window) 
Baium respawn time 48 hours (+/- 3h window) 
Frintezza respawn time 24 hours (+/- 1h window) 
Ant Queen respawn time 12 hours (+/- 1h window) 
Zaken respawn time 12 hours (+/- 1h window) 
Core respawn time 12 hours  (+/- 1h window) (It will not drop core, but it will drop Random Epic Jewel Box.)
Orfen respawn time 12 hours  (+/- 1h window) (It will not drop orfen, but it will drop Random Epic Jewel Box.)
Custom Noblesse System
The party that will last hit the boss Barakiel (5 hours respawn time & 1 hour window +/-) will
automatically gain noblesse status.
You can also trade 15.000 Farm Tokens in our Noblesse/Subclass Manager which is located in Giran to gain noblesse status.
Eola Dungeons
To make the game easier and more enjoyable for both the solo and clan players
we have created Instanced Dungeons in Lineage 2 Eola which you can enter 12 hours.
Dungeon: Story mode(Solo)
In this Dungeon you can only enter alone. There are 4 rooms with monsters that need to be killed. After each room is cleaned up,
you proceed to the next stage. These monsters have good drops and are fairly easy to be killed.
After the 4 first stages have been completed, you have 2 final stages to finish the dungeon!
In the last 2 stages, you have to slay the Sons of Valzeroth!
If you fail to complete the dungeon you cannot re-enter until next reset at 18:00 UTC +3
Dungeon: Party mode(Hard)
You can only enter this Dungeon with a full party.
There are 5 rooms of monsters that need to be cleaned up.
The mobs are x10 times stronger than the story mode.
Like the story mode, after you finish cleaning up the rooms of monsters, you have to slay the Sons of Valzeroth!
This is only the beginning though, since after you complete these 2 stages, you proceed to the final stage.....
You have to slay Valzeroth the Forbidden himself!
If you fail to complete the dungeon you cannot re-enter until next reset at 18:00 UTC +3
Rewards & Prizes
Dungeon: Story Mode
You get to choose 1 epic jewel which will last for the next 6 hours(Time Spend only when u use it), along with many other misc
rewards which include lifestones, book of giants, crystal scrolls and more!
Dungeon: Party Mode
Various rewards which include lifestones, book of giants, blessed scrolls and many more!
You also get the drops of the boss Valzeroth the Forbidden!
Olympiad period 7 Days(1 week)
Heroes will be given automatically every day at 12:00 UTC +3 on Monday.
Olympiads are based on higher chronicle system.
H5 Arenas with perfect geodata and pathnoods.
Upon selecting 5 Buffs before match starts on the Arena manager (To make dd classes and some other classes more fair to play olympiads)
After every fight, a panel with information about the match and the participants is displayed to both the winner and the loser:
- Class-based games are disabled to avoid feeding.
- The rankings update every 5 minutes when the Olympiad runs (the manager announces it every time they update).
- The games are announced by the manager before they begin.
- Maximum enchant in the Olympiad is +6, which means if your items are higher that +6 they will be modified to +6 for the match and when its over the modifications will be reverted.
- The class balance in olympiad is untouched to ensure retail battles.
The Olympiad begins every day at 19:00 and ends at 1:00 AM (GMT+3).
Customized Siege System
there will be only 4 Castles to perticipate in.
Saturday - will be Aden Siege along with Goddart Siege
Aden - Starts at saturday 23:00 UTC +3
Goddard - Starts at saturday 23:00 UTC +3
Sunday Sieges:
Rune - Starts at sunday 23:00 UTC +3
Hein - Starts at sunday 23:00 UTC +3
Territory Wards System
Territory Wards Start 2 Times a day and only in Friday.
How it works:
First Wards begging at 19:00 UTC +3 1 hour Period.
Wards system starts in all castles and each castle have 1 flag So you will need to make your first battles at 19:00 UTC +3
To capture or pvpv for the Flages(This is most likely a chance to capture and defend in second period)
Then it starts Back again at 00:00 UTC +3 For 2 Hours Period time.
This is most likely the Final battle and the winners of the Flags.
Flags will remain on their owners who contributed and won the flags during the friday battle for the next week.
More Informations and Updates coming before the Grand Opening.
Don't hesitate to share your opinion with us and help us make the greatest Private lineage 2 servers.






Week 1 - Updates on Valzeroth x 500
9v9 Automatic Turnament weekly.
9v9 Weekly Turnament will be done automatically by the Chef Hang which can be found in town.
How does it works and how you can take place:
You go to Chef Hang on the town wth your 9 players from the party, and you register them in the Npc as The Party leader.
Turnament starts 9v9 Matches every day at 21:00 +3 GMT
It announces the Fights will be done every day at 20:30 GMT +3
So it means you have 30 Minutes to prepare your party.
Players can observ all the 9v9 games from the NPC
6 Games Max Daily.
At the end of the week, there will be Finals (Sunday)
Sunday will fight the Remaining Parties who won the most matches and went to the next phase.
The Npc will register logs from each clan/party How many times have won/lost.
ex: Immortalz 4 wins - 1 Loose(1 Time(s) Finalist (2 times Turnament Winners)
Rules & Restrctions
9 players max.
Same Player or character with same IP/HWID can't perticipate 2 times in diferend party
No CP Potions/Heal Potions/elixirs
You can enter with buffs
Finals will be always Streamed on Twitch or Youtube.
Changelogs and News:
Added 2 Raids on Party zone with significant drops.
Respawn time Every 1 and 2 hours (No window)
Respawn Location: Chaotic Part of the Party zone.
Treasure Chest Event
Treasures chests will be spawned in all our custom zones and PvP/Party zones in random locations
You can just open the chest by clicking on it and it will give you random rewards!
There is a chance a Mini Boss spawn from the chest while you open it (20% chance to spawn)
The Mini-Boss has even more awesome Rewards!
Can be dps alone by any class!
Mercenary's Journey
Mercenary Journey has 60 Quests which you will be able to make them by the time and contribution
Such as Reaching Enchant levels, acuiring equipment being nobless, and much more!
Every stage and lvl of the Mercenary's Journey wou will be rewarded with Amazing Prizes!
(More information cooming soon)
Forge System
On our Forge system you an Forge your items and misc and exnchange also.
For example.
You can forge 5 A grade Scrolls into 1 S grade Scroll
You can Forget 2 Blessed Armor Scrolls into 1 S grade Weapon Blessed Scroll
You can Forge Mid Grade and High Grade Lifestones into Top Lvl life stone lvl 76 & 80
And many more features which awaiting you on Beta & Grand Opening
More features and updates coming soon.
















Week 2 - Updates Valzeroth x 500



Etis Castle

Etis Castle will be available to siege

the castle will be extended with the stairs and the down water parts to be able to have a better arena - battles

Etis Castle will be every Sunday 

Winners will enjoy epic rewards!



Clan Battle Event

There will be an event every day at 23:20 UTC +3

In that zone u can summon all your clan as clan leader until 23:50 UTC +3

then the battles beggins at 24:00 UTC +3

in that zone for every kill your clan makes to enemy clans you gain 3-5 clan points randomly

minimum 9 active clan members in clan to be able to perticipate

the zone its huge to PvP over 1000 Players.

Every clan leader can spawn their tag( Flag) in the map where ever they wish which the clan members will respawn there after 1-10 Minutes respawn time

Take Note: Respawn increases every time you die.

Take Note: Flag can be dpsed and removed flags can be spawned 1 time only.

Clan event finishes at 1:30 UTC +3

and then in the end of the zone clan members can't respawn anymore in the clan tag(Flag)

The clan that will stay alive untill the end of the Event, they wil face ''Anhazar the Battle God''

Anhazar have special rewards which can't be found no where expect the clan event zone.



More updates coming soon

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