New L2Mxc Reborn As High Five - Vote Rates

New L2MxC Reborn as High Five - Vote rates  

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  1. 1. New L2MxC Reborn as High Five - Vote rates

    • Low Rates 1-10x
    • Mid Rates 15-25x
    • High Rates 500-1000x

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Herlitz    1

you dont need to try and compete with low rate servers, so dont do that. Mid rates are everyone. Make 1 good PvP high rate server, similar to what L2survival did, those are good servers and we need one.


Anyone remembers old infernoPvP? Instant 85, 100% elemental stone chance, you just logged in and in 5 minutes PvP, no bullcrap... It was alright  ^-^

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