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Aion Ascension's | Aion Classic 3.9

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AION Retail fun without limitations!
No Gold-Packages, No VIP-Status, No Restrictions, No Pay2Win!

Server Rates
  • EXP - x3
  • Group-EXP - x3
  • Quest-EXP - x3
  • Quest-Kinah - x2
  • Drops - x5
  • Gathering-EXP - x5
  • Crafting-EXP - x5
  • Crafting Crit - 25%
  • AP-PvP - x2
  • AP-PvE - x2
Aion Dwarfpicker Features
A small overview of Dwarfpicker Features. Of course everything substantial is available.
  • Higher Rates
  • Rewards for veterans
  • Fully functional 'Dredgion' system with extended rewards
  • All instances fully implemented
  • Worlddrop-system
  • Qualified in-game support
  • Basic equipment- and consumable-packages for new players
  • No Gold-Packages, No VIP-Status, No Restrictions, No Pay2Win
  • 8 Characters per account
  • 2 crafting-masteries per character
  • Reduced instance cooltimes
  • '.noexp' command for 'stay-low-level'-PvP
  • Player managed boards for Elyos and Asmodians
Important Links
Portal - Aion Classic
Community Forums - Aion Classic Community


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