Shall We Continue L2Junity In A More Open Way ?

Shall we ?  

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  1. 1. Continue L2J Unity ?

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AchYlek    0

In GOD prophets are immortal at oly... no lie... ask cz guy.

Ah and healers are immortaler. You can put 25% HP and 15% casting speed SAs on your weapon, but you dont need them anyway since healer is fucking OP!

i know i had healer 95 at offi, but got banned for boting, thats why i hate god  :( 

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Tryskell    5

I will give you the same answer than I did with L2JHellas, it's only the matter of the main head to say if he is able to continue or discontinue the project. It's a problem whom he is the sole responsible.


For sure, if aCis will stop, I will try first to give the lead to whoever trustful (my logical heirs being Inner Circle), but if none is found or none is able to take back the lead, it's really similar to a kingdom whom the king didn't have any heir ; probably the lineage will stop here and new projects will emerge from it.


It's not to the king to ask to people if they want him as a king. If the king feels like he is a good king, he will take responsabilities and will lead people to a brighter future. If he knows he sucks at leading, then he should stop leading and search for the best solution.


Asking if the project must continue or not simply show how slippery the current events are, and how unstable your kingdom is. Deciding about the project future flipping a coin would have the same output.

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Sdw    5

Yeah that's basically what I ask. There is no king without a country and people to rule over, damn hate that analogy.


The plan was to release a playable server using one of the latest version, and we worked towards that goal. With recent events, it's obvious people got a head start and might get those out, even before us.


That was a long shot cause we don't even know if the L2 community would play a private server which runs the same version as retail, which is free 2 play.


And yeah I have doubts. I would rather do something that will be backed up by user (just simple regular whiny user) than doing shit for no purpose. And with recent personal, professional and other shit events I would rather save time for something meaningful :D

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Money is really not an issue for me AT ALL.


Edit : ho that, it just DNS record pointing to nothing.

i remember was working last time i checked anyway after u failed ur project no reason to continue public :lol:  

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