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€14 / month - unlimited clients
$20 / month - NA OFF

$10 / month - Eu classic Innova
€6 / month -  private classic servers

skype.png  Bylinski4skype
icq.png  668 204 354
mail.png admin@l2soft.eu



WM.png paypal.png QIWII.png

skrill.png neteller.png

visa.png yandex.png





I'm glad to announce, we're finally done with our website (L2Soft.eu) and with auto payment system. In this case we're starting a discount event for all users, so don't miss the chance and join the contest.

There were 200 promocodes with 15% of discount to each key.

Conditions of the contest:
#1 Make an account on forum (
#2 Write me special event text in skype / icq:   " L2SOFT - Professional software for botting! " and your nickname on forum.

Right after the check, you will get a promo code!

If you're not still in my contact list then do not wait and add me as soon as possible! Contacts in the first post.
If there will be huge interest in such events, will be added more promo codes in the future.

P.S You can get discount only buying with auto payment system.
P.S.S You can not get discount if you want to buy more than one key.
P.S.S.S Fake accounts and
malefactors will be blocked instantly, because all the accounts will be checked accurately!




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fans fan everythere.

you meant LT gypsies looking to make cash on not informed people? yeah have to agree :D


oplata.info supports yandex.money which works for every Europe country and takes 1 day to add cash even from normal (non russian) bank, that's how most ppl i know buy it whenever they need key =)

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