Weapon Antharas-Valakas-Lindvior Weapons [Freya_God]

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I Saw Many People Asking For This Weapons!
And I Finally Made The Files!!!!
Today Im Sharing Antharas-Valakas-Lindvior Weapons!!!

Take A Look On This Video :

Credits : Me!
Download Link :
Download Link[some Systextures Required] :

Download Link[Glows] :
Password : frozenwarrior

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Great and Unique Share.

All weapon sets with both client and server side included.


KIU mate. ;)


thank you very much dude i told you i will make it for u!

and the others are coming up too! today i will move my pc coz i have no internet connection!

and i will start to make the others too!!! thank you!!!




This share dont have SacriTexture. So many weapons and all shields dont have texture.



if doesnt works i will send you some files later i will upload here too..

because i dont have the client now :) im sry!

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