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Found 511 results

  1. WTS NECRO 71 Skelth eu classic or WTT for EE 69+ 224 xp scrool normal 18 xp scrool high +12win -5men
  3. wts baium antharas frintezza neck wts adena. wts vesper weapons pm me for further info
  4. Add Skype Cerenus.1 Community Board Animation Border ( Yes ) Community Board jpg ( Yes ) Button Animation ( Yes ) Button jpg ( Yes ) Backround Npc or Alt+B Animation ( Yes ) Loading Screen Animation + Video ( Yes ) Loading Screen jpg ( Yes ) Logo for in game or login Screen Animation or video ( Yes ) Icon for NPC or Alt + B Animation ( Yes )
  5. WTS ADENA ON L2DRAGON.NET STOCK 30B SKYPE: NOL1MMITS payment method - paypal
  6. WTS L2Dragon adena

    WTS 1kk - 1 euro. PM me here for more info. skype - janis145
  7. wts adena on l2 dragon 0.8 e-1kkk You found cheaper, I'll make it cheapest. contact me here or skype: mxcioane
  8. Wts on l2Dragon Full Char Mystic Muse 85 skills +25-30, 3 subs lvl 80. Nobless Vesper found set +6 lvl 7 full Vesper buster +6 300 ACumen Hero cloak Vorpal jewels.
  9. EUW Account:Champions: 58 Rune Pages: 3 Pages Current Division: Diamond5 Skins in loot: Pulsefire Aait, Star Guardian Arhi , Red baron Corki Price: 99 EUR
  10. Wts Destroller 62 70% server skelth Naked 130kk o 110e skipe: Xoxona_l2
  11. wts baium tezza antharas zaken wts adena wts icarus dagger + sa vesoer bow + sa
  12. I wanna sell adena, 1kkk for 1.5E, contact forum ;)
  13. Already sold 1 acc full on l2 mid. I still have: First account: Main Class: Cardinal (lvl:79) Subclasses: Archmage (lvl: 78), Necromancer (lvl:75), Ghost Sentinel (lvl:77) Noblesse: Yes Buff Book (all buffs/ressists) - Only from donate, can't be traded. Second account: Main Class: Mystic Muse (sps) (lvl:80) Subclasses: Dont remember xD Noblesse: Yes Alliance level: 5 with ketra orcs Third account: Main Class Mystic Muse (sps) (lvl:78) Subclasses: Don't remeber, for sure has summoner as 1 sub for summoning for low etc. Noblesse: Yes Spare Items: Arcana Mace (Acumen) Draconic Bow (x2- no Sa) Tateossian Sets (x3) Dark Crystal Robe Sets (x3) Tallum Robe Set Zombie shield (Donate only) Others: Sin eater, 2 bogs, strider, eas, 400+ pollen, 200 lucky silver, red soul crystals lvl:12, ma gloves+boots, accesories (hats, etc.) For prices pm me your offer. Payment only via paypal! Payment first - accounts/items then. Don't bother if you want items first. I've sold too many items/chars over the years. Middle man from MXC can be used if needed (buyer pays the fee). We don't care playing anymore in L2 mid so you have nothing to be afraid of (changing passes via email etc.)
  14. Hello,acc in, Helheim server, feoh storm screamer 100 lv, duall 97 healer. + iss on another char 96lvl. Arround 3kkk and premium left 20d+-. skype: venum657
  15. Seeling items on l2mid very cheap , msg me for more infos !!!
  16. Baium,aq, 2 zaken, frintezza, orfen for sale. skype: metalinis_lietuvis8009
  17. Selling my 79 cardinal on fully ready to pvp. Chars gear: BW robe +3 , +3l vl 6 wynn rune sword of valhalla, cloack of light , pheonix earing x2, pheonix ring x2 , BO necklase, lvl4 bracelet of duty, doom robe set, 100kk adena, 220 vip , Premium until 12.11.2035 (yes, real), level 3 talisman of insolence. PM skype at "extremalas82 for more info.
  18. Hello, this time i have for sell following characters: DoomCryer 78 lvl with Gate Chant learned + subclass 50+ Inventory: - Dark Crystal Robe set - Club of Nature (Acumen) - Amulet Magnus Chant - C grade Jewelery Hierophant (Prophet) 78 lvl + subclass Destroyer 70+ Inventory: - Dark Crystal Robe set - Blue Wolf Heavy set +3 - Halberd (Haste) - Mysterious sword (Acumen) - C/B grade Jewelery Titan 78 lvl + subclass Warlord 70+ Inventory: - Tallum Heavy set - Tallum Glaive +3 (Wide Blow) - Infernal Master - C/A grade Jewelery Prophet 56 lvl Inventory: - Karmian set Shillien Elder 52 lvl Inventory: - Karmian set Bladedancer 70+ lvl Swordsinger 70+ lvl If You are inetrested or have any questions feel free to send me pm or invite me on skype: feroniasty
  19. Epic sets , weapons +++. armor sets +++, golds+++
  20. Bow of peril +6 + othell's 6lvl Bw heavy set Phoenix jewel (Bo necklace) Light cloak Laborers hat +1str +1int Full inventory/wh of B grade items/mats/parts. Discord: Gytav#3871 Skype: chaotick2
  21. Have you ever wanted to start playing in Lineage 2 Official but you cant handle the Experience ? Well you just clicked the right post we are selling any class on L2 Official Chronos/ Naia/ Freya Classes Supported HumanFighter= TyrrDuelist TyrrDreadnought SigelPhoenixKnight SigelHellKnight OthellAdventurer YulSagittarius HumanMystic= FeohArchmage FeohSoultaker WynnArcanaLord AeoreCardinal IssHierophant ElvenFighter= SigelEvasTemplar IssSwordMuse OthellWindRider YulMoonlightSentinel ElvenMystic= FeohMysticMuse WynnElementalMaster AeoreEvasSaint DarkFighter= SigelShillienTemplar IssSpectralDancer OthellGhostHunter YulGhostSentinel DarkMystic= FeohStormScreamer WynnSpectralMaster AeoreShillienSaint OrcFighter= TyrrTitan TyrrGrandKhavatari OrcMystic= IssDominator IssDoomcryer DwarvenFighter= OthellFortuneSeeker TyrrMaestro MaleSoldier= TyrrDoombringer FeohSoulhound FemaleSoldier= FeohSoulhound YulTrickster Selling Main Class on 95 Level = 20 Euros *Working on Dual Classes* All Drops your character gets will be kept for you All ISS classes Can take up to 5-7 days to reach 95 level due to low dmg Server Maintenance can slow down the process Everything is straight forward. 1~Choose witch character you want(Class, Name) 2~Choose the Level you want us to stop(Lower level such as 85-89 takes 2 days) 3~Pm Me directly here with your order and your Skype Username 4~I will be adding you on Skype so we can discus any further details for your order 5~You will need to pay a Deposit for your order witch is 10 Euros(PayPal) 6~As fast the deposit will be received we will start the character for you 7~You will be staying updated for your order with pictures and Videos 8~Character Reached the level you requested 9~You will be contacted to Pay the rest of the amount for the order 10~Email*Character Password/ You will receive a full access to the account you bought We do not offer Nobles Quest We do not offer any Adena At the moment we are only accepting PayPal Character Items (Paulina's) Orders Never got sold:0 (Accounts Level and class will be listed here)
  22. Hello, i have for sale Cardinal 78. Price is 10€ with items written down below. BW r set, BO jew set, Mysterious Sword +3 (Wynn lvl 4), Bracelet of Duty lvl 4, TOI Talisman lvl 1, Cloack of Darkness, 70kk, 65 VIP, 64 Daily Coin, other stuff like agation etc.. Contact me via Ty.