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Found 43 results

  1. WANT PEACE - PREPARE FOR WAR! PEACE [x7] PTS High Five! NO DONATE! Live start 20 November 2017!
  2. RPG CLUB HF x7

    WANT PEACE - PREPARE FOR WAR! PEACE [x7] PTS High Five! NO DONATE! Live start 20 November 2017!
  3. [L2J] Hallate

    L2Hallate High Five Server I welcome everyone I wanted to present new server High Five Server x 7. We are adding all efforts so that server is friendly for everyone player's. We invite everyone to play together. We guarantee the lack of lag and ddos. The server does not provide wipes and is focused on long-term game. Beta test started. Official start 01.12.2017 18:00 UTC+2 New webside and forum Links: Website: Forum: Experience (EXP): 7x Skill Points (SP): 7x Adena : 7x Drop Items: 3x Spoil: 3x Recs-Keys: 1x Quest Experience (EXP): 2x Quest Skill Points (SP): 2x Quest Adena: 2x Quest Drop Items: 2x Weight Limit: 2x Manor: 2x Extract Fish: 2x Consumables, Crystals GM shop up to S-Grade Soul Shots, Accesories Pets, Clan Section AA Exchange, Event Exchange, Sell (Epic bosses) Ant Queen - Respawn = 36 hour Respawn Random + - 17 hour Beleth - Respawn = 192 hour Respawn Random + - 148 hour Baium - Respawn = 120 hour Respawn Random + - 10 hour Antharas - Respawn = 192 hour Respawn Random + - 12 hour Valakas - Respawn = 264 hour Respawn Random + - 12 hour Instances: Normal Freya - Required players 10-27 Instances: Hard Freya - Required players 36-45 Instances: Frintezza - Required players 36-45 Instances: Zaken Daytime - lvl-83, Required players 9-27 Instances: Zaken Daytime - lvl-60, Required players 9-27 Instances: Zaken Nightly - lvl-60, Required players 72-450 Instances: Tiat, Required players 36-45 Instances: Beleth, Required players 36 Safe Enchant: 4 Max. Enchant: 16 Normal Scroll chance: 50% Blessed Scroll chance: 66% Elemental Max. Level: Level 7 Elemental Stone chance: 40% Elemental Crystal chance: 30% Sub-Class Max. Level : 85 Off-line Shop mode Vitality System Unique Community Board Drop list Search Engine Champions System Wedding System Auto learning of skills Event Engine Clan tab Achievement Engine Player ranking Personal control panel Max. Clients per PC : 2 Olympiads Max. Enchant : 6 Anti-Bot Geodata and Pathnodes Raid Boss event All quest and instances working Everything inside is made in java, nothing python Skills using official formulas Simulate Official Kernels Protection AntiBot protection DDoS protection The subsidy reduced to a minimum Location:France Buff Slots : 20+4 Dance and Songs Slots : 12 Buff shop in CB and NPC Duration of buffs - 2 hours Mini Events Team vs Team Team vs Team advanced Capture the Flag Domination Mass Domination Deathmatch Last Man Standing Lucky Chest Mutant Treasure Hunt Treasure Hunt PVP Battlefield More Info in Game. See you there :)
  4. Server RatesExperience (EXP): 15xSkill Points (SP): 15xAdena : 12xDrop Items: 10xSpoil: 11xRecs-Keys: 1xQuest Experience (EXP): 1xQuest Skill Points (SP): 1xQuest Adena: 1xQuest Drop Items: 4xQuest Reward: 4xWeight Limit: 5xManor: 3xExtract Fish: 4xMain features:High Five clientGM Shop up to Grade S + Dynasty Mace & CrusherMax SubClasses: 3Max SubClasses Lvl: 85PvP color systemKilling spree systemTerritory Ward every weekendBuff Slots 24+4Dance/Song slots 12.Buff and dance/song duration: 2 hs.(Damage estilo GOD)Lineage 2 Maat| High-Five x15 For More Info.
  5. L2Vestein Lineage2 PVP Mid Server. - Hi5.- Exp: x400.- SP: x400. - Adena: x100. - Enchant: Safe +20 Max +20. - Divine Scroll to +20 in Raids, Events, etc. - Element lvl 7 100% (1 click) .- 32 + 4 Buff / 16 Dances.- Buffs +15/+30 in buffer.- Buffs 4h. - Buffer Scheme whit Buffer PET. - Cancel & Steal buffs return. - Subclasses 5.- Subclass lvl 85. - Auto Learn Skills.- Auto Learn Forgotten Skills. - Class Balance (Tested & Working) .- Nobles without Quest.- Certification without Quest. - Gatekeeper Full. - NPC Augment VIP .- GM SHOP Full. - Weapons TAUTI.- Armors custom(Only visual, no custom Stats/Skills). - Permanent Talismans (yelow & white) && .combinetalismans - Farm Paz Zones.- Easy farm. - PvP Zone (Anonymous). - Ancient Scroll in farm zones. - Full Geodata Pro. - Olimpiad 2 weeks. - Sieges and TW every week. - All Grand Boss in Gatekeeper. - Grand Boss Custom Accessible by Gatekeeper. - Grand Boss Antharas, Valakas, Baium, Frintezza & Sailren in original instances. - Easy Autopotion CP/HP/MP command: .autopot(On) .autopotoff(Off). - AntiDoS / DDoS.- AntiBOTCaptcha / NPC Antibot / GameGuard in System (Any known bot is denied) .- Overenchant Protection +20. (There can not be an item above +20 on the server)- General cheats protection. - Continuous updates and constants improvements.- Wedding System.- Offline Trade.- Auto Multi-Events.- Active Staff.- And more more....... - Server hosted in Canada.
  6. [L2J] L2Generations

    L2GENERATIONS - HIGH FIVE SERVER ONLINE Lenguajes: Español / Ingles / Portugues Site: L2Generations RATES: XP: x3 / SP: x3 / Adena: x2 / Drop: x2 / Party: Bonus / Spoil: x2 Raid Boss: x2 Epic Boss: x1 Dual Box Quest Adena x3 Quest Exp x3 Quest SP x3 Quest Chance x1 Quest Reward x1 Buffs: 1 hr. SERVER CONFIGURATION: Subclass - quest / medals Max Subclass - 3 Max Level Sub - 85 LvL Buff Slot: 24 buff slot, 12 dance/song Auto Loot Offline Trade (trade mode + logout) Vitality System Olympiad 2 weeks Master Work Items Sistema de Votación y recompensa ENCHANT: Safe +3 Max + 20 Buff Duration: 1h Max Clients/PC: 5 Los esperamos!
  7. Hello guys, Yes, we are back! After few years we decide to come back. It’s the same team Lex and Tzu. For the guys that are new in Lineage 2 Community we had succesfull projects L2Pharos our 3rd server after (~8 years ago, not .EU ) And The ‘old guys’ can confirm that those servers were successfully ones without this `greedy-coruption-servers` etiquette that were killed by DDoS because we were competition. Also one of our biggest success was L2Silver which i think it doesn't need any presentation Let’s present us a bit: Lex – the guy who talk to the players all days and comes with ideas and improvements for server to make it a long-term server. Always thinking of new content/events/possibilities to make the server enjoyable. Tzu – the guy who don’t talk so much to players ( not really good at socializing like Lex), but who is the back of the server and take care of implementing Lex ideas. A little bit obsessed to check all the time if all is performant. Currently being Software Developer for 3 years ( sadly in C#, but it’s not such a big difference) Now how we decided to come back: In all this time ( 5 years ) by keep talking and last year we meet in a city and had few beers talking about that great times when we were having server and working on the server, and when one of us was distracted by something else, the other one would call him 24/7 to work on server ), after that we decided to watch L2Scene to see what’s happening, we saw that it’s in a more bad way that when we left, but the players community increased. After that, in 5 months, Lex arrived at my house (Tzu) and in a night we decided to come back and make it great again. A few thanks for the guys from: L2PlayInEra they started to change a bit the community and they had a nice success and I respect them. So in last 4 months we took informations, regarding all problems, what players want, we tested few servers and I think we understood what is wanted and put some time to start working on the idea. What we saw that was missing very much: a place where players can be a community without being forced all the time to move from one server to another and choosing not a good server, but the server that is not the worst. And that's what we try to accomplish. To make Private Servers community a little bit better. We want to see more good servers. We are still working on the server side, but the website is in BETA-Phase and we already have a forum: – Website - Community Forum We’ve also added some features of the server and we will still add on the list more informations. We understand that is far from perfect, that’s why we delay the opening, even thought I think we will make it not even close to near perfect, with your help, we will! We ask you to give us any advises, or any suggestions that you may have As we you may have guessed we made a mid rate with the next features: Rates: Experience(XP): 30x Skill Points(SP): 30x Adena: 15x Drop: 15x Spoil: 15x Raidboss: 4x Grandboss: 1x(1 jewel per epic) Quest Drop: 3x Quest Reward: 2x Manor: 3x Weight Limit: 10x Enchants: Safe enchant: +4 Max Enchant: +15 Normal Scroll chance: 55% Blessed Scroll chance: 60% Elemental Stone Chance: 50% Elemental Crystal Chance: 40% Basic Features: Buff time: 2h Buff slots: 24 Dance/Songs slots: 12 Trigger slots: 12 Max clients per PC: 3 Subclass Max Level: 85 Protection(SGuard + Report system: enabled Geodata: enabled Subclass Quest: disabled Class Master: enabled AutoLoot: enabled AutoLoot Raidboss: disabled Offline shops: enabled Offline buffers: enabled Different Community Board: enabled Auction system: enabled Private messages history: enabled Droplist search: enabled Away system: enabled So far we do not have any Beta Date/ Opening date but we have an interval between 1 and 3 months.
  8. New Quality L2 Server x35 Rates HighFive! Beta Open 10-11-2017 At 18:00 +2GMT! High Quality Gameplay! Balanced Classes! Website: RATES: Exp: x35 Sp: x35 Adena: x25 Drop: x20 Spoil: x15 Quest items: x1 [quests have different rates] Knight Epaulette: x3 SERVER CONFIGURATION: Subclass - no quest Max Subclass - 3 Max Level Sub - 85 LvL Buff Slot: 24 buff slot, 12 dance/song Auto Loot Offline Trade Offline Buffs Auto learn skills Vitality System Olympiad 2 weeks Master Work Items Global GK NPC Buffer scheme Vote reward All instances/quest works 100% ENCHANT: Safe +3 Max +13 Normal Rate 60% Blessed Rate 66% Attribute stone: 40% Crystal stone: 30% Buff Duration: 2h Max Clients/PC: 5 EVENTS: Team vs Team Protect th King Last Man Standing Korean Style Capture the Flag Fight For Throne Death Match Tresure Hunt COMMANDS: .party - invite players to your party . .control - full menu of player . .offline - go in offline mode if you are selling buffs/stuffs . and more ......
  9. [L2J] L2Age

    Grand Opening - 27-10-2017 We are pleased to introduce our new L2Age High Five Luna 20x server. Temos prazer em apresentar nosso novo servidor L2Age High Five Luna 20x. Estamos encantados de presentar nuestro nuevo servidor L2Age High Five Luna 20x. Мы рады представить наш новый L2Age High Five Luna 20x сервер. Server Info: English: Português BR: Español: Russ: English: The server's focus is to keep it as original as possible in terms of character status. We will not activate items such as Olf's T-shirt / Talismans and others that can greatly alter class status. The server has a perfect system of class balancing and is already well balanced. Changes to classes will only be made if there is something extremely over power or if some kind of bug is discovered. Doubts and more information in this post: Português BR: O foco do servidor é mante-lo da forma mais original possível em termos de status dos personagens. Não vamos ativar itens como Olf's T-shirt / Talismans e outros que podem alterar muito os status das classes. O servidor possui um sistema perfeito de balanceamento de classes e já estão bem balanceadas. Alterações em classes somente serão feitas se houver algo extremamente Over Power ou se for descoberto algum tipo de bug. Dúvidas e mais informações neste post: Español: El foco del servidor es mantenerlo de la forma más original posible en términos de estado de los personajes. No vamos a activar elementos como Olf's Camiseta / Talismans y otros que pueden cambiar mucho el estado de las clases. El servidor tiene un sistema perfecto de equilibrio de clases y ya está bien balanceado. Los cambios en las clases sólo se harán si hay algo extremadamente sobre el poder o si se descubre algún tipo de error. Dudas y más información en este post: Russ: В центре внимания сервера - сохранить его как можно более оригинальным с точки зрения статуса персонажа. Мы не будем активировать такие предметы, как футболка / талисманы Ольфа и другие, которые могут значительно изменить статус класса. Сервер имеет совершенную систему балансировки классов и уже хорошо сбалансирован. Изменения в классах будут выполняться только в том случае, если есть что-то сверхмощное или если обнаружена какая-то ошибка. Сомнения и дополнительная информация в этом сообщении:
  10. Expect the following: - No shady pay 2 win donations. - Donations will be going to advertising and getting better server files only. - GM's without abusable rights. - Server is Ddos Protected. Website: OPENING ETA 3/11/2017 Here is the basic layout of the server: EXP: x 2000 SP: x2000 ADENA: x2000 Starting level: 75 (for subclass too) Max level: 85 Starting gear: A Grade Max Gear: S Grade (Dynasty) Max Enchant: +20 (All items) Safe Enchant: +5 (All items) Enchant Rates: 30% (All scrolls) Items dont break or loose previous enchant level on failure Max Buffslots: 24 (20+4 with Divine Inspiration) Max Dance/Song slots: 12 All Buffs duration: 3 Hours Cancelled buffs return after 15 seconds GM Shop, Global Gatekeeper & NPC Buffer npc’s Weight Limit x5 No Clan Penalties New Clans start at level 8 with 350k reputation points Olympiad Games period: 2 weeks Castle Sieges period: 1 week Automated TvT & CtF Events every hour with great rewards Custom Playgrounds (Leveling/Farming/PvP-Farming) Seasons System (Server Refresh) Dual-box allowed to swap items and buffer alts Ddos-protected server based in France Website: Server is still in the works. Meaning theres still time to drop suggestions in the forum. ETA is around 3d of November. BETA server may be up sometime but not guarantees. I will be straight with you. I dont have any funds to advertise the server, if you want to support this project you can donate or just be active ingame and in the forums. So dont expect 2.000.000 players. I will do my best to post about the server anywhere i can and spread the word. Previous projects i was involved was L2FX.
  11. [L2J]MESSA

    MESSA.WS HIGH FIVE X50 SITE FORUM The start server: Open Beta Test - 20 October 2017 in 20:00 (GMT +3) Open Server - 03 November 2017 in 20:00 (GMT +3) Description
  12. [l2j] L2Devian

    L2Devian x15 Grand Opening 13-10-2017 22:00 GMT-3 xp x15 sp x15 adena x10 drop x10 spoil x15 recipes/keys x1 quest x3 raid boss x2 fortes drop x5 manor x5 safe +4 max enchant +16 normal enchant: 50% blessed enchant: 55% element stone 30% crystal stone 20% masterwork x8 Max enchant Olys +6 Epic Raid Boss/Instances Highest level entrance to ant queen 45 and second class. Raid Epic on the weekends after the sieges: Fridays BAIUM 21:00 +-1GMT-3 Saturday ANTHARAS 21:00 +-1 GMT-3 Sunday VALAKAS 20:00 +-1 GMT-3 Features Gmshop grade S Special shop Festival Coin Buffer duration 2hours 24+12 alt+b auction alt+b database alt+braid boss teleport alt+b dayly quest 8 Auto event PvP EVERY HOUR Weekly heroes Siegues every week Max user PC 4 System antibots Event Gm Hunter Tournament event Undeground Event WEB SITE FORUM FACEBOOK
  13. [L2j] L2LUNA

    L2 LUNA H5 SERVER X40 THE START SERVER : BETA TEST SERVER 15.10.2017 18:00 GMT+3 LIVE START SERVER 20.10.2017 18:00 GMT+3 *New unique event with Toggle farm pvp & event coin drop! *Top pvp-castle siege event *Per Grand boss 50 euro Money prize *Ant queen-Orfen -Core 85 level *High quality balance for long-term game *Huge Online for Enormous PvP Fights. *Heroes per week- buffs 2 hours *Sieges/tw - Epics spawn every week *Best ddos protection- no lags - no delay *Off-like geodata 100% working L2Luna is a mid-rate server, and there fore has some characteristics, such as Rates, NPCs, areas and Drops modified and differentiated. These information are available here: Rates Experience (EXP): 40x Skill Points (SP): 40x Adena : 15x Drop Items: 15x Spoil: 15x Recs-Keys: 1x Quest Experience (EXP): 3x Quest Skill Points (SP): 3x Quest Adena: 3x Quest Drop Items: 3x Weight Limit: 5x Manor: 3x Extract Fish: 3x Enchant Safe Enchant: 4 Max. Enchant: 16 Normal Scroll chance: 60% Blessed Scroll chance: 65% Elemental Max. Level: Level 7 Elemental Stone chance: 60% Elemental Crystal chance: 50% Other Off-like geodata 100% working Heroes Every 7days Territory Wars/Siege's Every Week Grand Bosses Every Week
  14. [L2J]L2 Viserion

    Open Wings 21 October 2017 at 13:00 GMT+2 RATES Experience (EXP) 50x Skill Points (SP) 50x Adena 45x Drop for Spoil 20x General Drop 25x RaidBoss Drop 4x Manor 4x Quest Drop 2x Quest Reward 4x Fishing Drop 10x Vitality System 25x Clan Reputation Point 2x ENCHANTS Safe Enchant +4 Max. Enchant +16 Normal Scroll chance 65% Blessed Scroll chance 75% Max donation enchant is +9 Yogi event enchant rate is 45% Enchant Chance Crystal Armor Olf Max +9 70% Elemental Max. Level Level 7 Elemental Stone chance 60% Elemental Crystal chance 55% CONFIGURATION Server, Site and Forum Time GMT +2 Buffs, Dances, Songs Duration 2 hours Buff Slots 28+4+12 Max. Clients per PC 5 Olympiads Max. Enchant +6 Premium Geodata and Pathnodes Sub-Class Max. Level 85 Off-line Shop mode Auto Learn Skills Vitality System Champions System Wedding System Class Master EVENTS Team vs. Team Last Man Standing Treasure Hunt Korean Style Capture the Flag Lucky Creatures RAIDS RESPAWN TIME Valakas 7 days Antharas 7 days Baium 48 hours Baylor 24 hours Beleth 48 hours OTHER Special Goddess of Destruction and Heroic Cloaks Maximum number of slots for Private Store is 50 The maximum level for subclass is up to level 85 Multiple commands with advanced options, see them in com board Real number of players is visible using command .online (shops included) You can view a monster drop rate and list by using shift+click All major raids have lower respawn time and RB drop rate improved Olympiad - Heroes are formed every ~ 15 days, on 1 and 15 at 00:15 GMT +2 Advanced Community Board with lots of new features for perfect play Advanced NPC buffer with almost all skills and up to 4 schemes per character Special Quiz event every 5 hours with over 200 questions and GCM reward Custom special Raids with special drop, with A.I against bots All major raids drop Donation Coins, you can also win DC from Achievements Super T.Rex with better drop and starting premium pets Glittering Medals from all mobs to exchange for special items Reduced number of clan members to raise the clan level and less repution required Clan / Alliance penalty was reduced to 1 hour and clan reward for new clans at NPC
  15. [L2j] L2Reef

    L2Reef x1000 PVP High Five Server -Website : -Facebook page : Grand Opening : 10/10/2017 GMT+2 Beta Starts 01/09/2017 20:00 GMT+2 Server Rates: Experience (EXP) : 1000x Skill Points (SP) : 1000x Adena : CUSTOM Drop Items : CUSTOM ENCHANTS Safe Enchant : 4 Max. Enchant : 16 Donator Enchant : 18 Normal Scroll chance : 75% Blessed Scroll chance : 100% Elemental Max. Level : Level 7 Elemental Stone chance : 80% Elemental Crystal chance : 70% BASIC CONFIGURATIONS Server, and Forum Time : GMT+2 Buffs, Dances and songs Duration : 2h Buff Slots : 32 Dance and Songs Slots : 16 Olympiads Max. Enchant : 6 Anti-Bot (+ Report system) Geodata and Pathnodes GENERAL INFORMATION SOLO PVP ZONE GENERAL PVP ZONE FARM ZONE (SAFE-MEDIUM-HARD) RAID ZONE Off-line Shop mode Unique Community Board Auction System More information about Server Commands, Territory Wars + Sieges, Full Features, Grand Boss Respawns, Instances requirements can be found in game through ALT+B Community Board
  16. [L2J]L2Ophal x15

    Server Features: Server Rates EXP and SP: x15 Drop/Spoil: x15 Quest Drop: x1 Adena: x12 Safe Enchant: +4 Max Enchant: +12 Normal Enchant Chance: 55% Blessed Enchant Chance: 65% Attribute Stone Chance: 60% Attribute Crystal Chance: 50% Max Buffs/Dances: 24/12 Buff Duration: 2h Game Play Olympad max Enchant +6 No Sub Class Quest Sub Class max Level 85 Class Master Auto Learn Skill Auto Learn Loot Vitality System Champions System (9% Chance) Wedding System Weekly Siege 15 Days Olympiad Configs Server Time : GMT+2 FightClub Event Engine Vote reward Geodata and Pathnodes (Upgraded) Global Gatekeeper Accessible by Community Board Hellbound/Continent/SOD/SOA/SOI/Delusion/Primeval/Parnasus, Hellbound Gatekeeper GM SHOP Accessible by Community Board/Npc Up to S-Grade Weapons -Armors - Jewels, Consumables, AA Converter, Accessories Soulshots, Pets, Clan Items and Banking system EVENT SHOP Event rewards are tradable for useful goods/services. NPC Buffer Accessible by Community Board or NPC Scheme for player/pet. Website:
  17. Hello All, I would like to hear your opinion on the idea of an L2 server. Namely, a server project where there will be a lot of pressure on PVP. We would like to release a server where a PVP system from PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS will be launched. The game would be split into matches between players, where each player would have to look for equipment and kill other players. Each player killed will drop the equipment collected in the same way as in the PUB. I ask for your opinions on this idea.
  18. L2DEVIAN

    Rates Basic of Server xp x15 sp x15 drop x15 adena x15 spoil x25 chance x2 RateQuestsReward x1 RateQuestsDrop x5 Recipes/keys x1 Fortes drop X5 raid boss drop x3 Features of Server safe enchant +4 max enchant +16 rate enchant normal 55 % rate enchant blessed 60% rate element stone 40% rate element crystal stone 30% max enchant in oly +6 system weeky hero ( sunday days ) olympiad star 10:00 hours argentina / greece 17:00 hours / russia 18:00 hours / spain 16:00 hours (16 HOURS GAME PLAY) siege sunday star 14:00 hours argentina / greece 21:00 hours / russia 22:00 hours /spain 20:00 hours territory war star 14:00 hours argentina / greece 21:00 hours /russia 22:00 hours / spain 20:00 hours buffer 2 hours (24+12+4)g premium account PAY system champiomsr skills balanced system vote reward ( .getreward ) system reward for game time ( 2 vote coins every online ) 8 new event pvp ( every hour ) new antibots SGUARD system capcha max user pc 4 OTHER FEATURES Donation Store Day 1 Dynasty,Morai,Sets Icarus Weapons ENABLE Premium Account ENABLE Recommendations ENABLE Clan Level 9-10-11 ENABLE Shop,accessories,dressme ENABLE Rename Services Change Gender Change Nick Color ENABLE Donation Store Day 3 Vesper Armor,Jewels ENABLE Level Up Donation Store Day 5 Weapon Vesper Enable Enchant System Enable Donation Day 7 Atribute Enchant ENABLE Agumentation Weaons ENABLE Fame Points ENABLE Giant Codex Mastery ENABLE Raid Boss Ant Queen Live in Opening Max level 45 no sub class Clan event Level 8 Need 15 Members Online First Siege Sunday 3-12-2017 14:00 GMT-3 Olympics Weekly Start Monday 27-11-2017 10:00 GMT-3 Heroes Days Sunday Optiom Premium Account Free Grand Opening 24-11-2017 22:00 GMT- 3 more info in : FORUM WEBSITE FACEBOOK
  19. [L2J] L2Raven

    Hello mates, How to Connect - Make Sure you have Lineage 2 [High Five] Client, if you don't have it you can download it it from this link - To Start Playing L2Raven, please Download our Raven Updater and it will check files and download missed ones - One you have High Five Client and RavenUpdater, put the Updater in the Directory of Lineage and Run it, it will update the files then you can Press Play to start your adventure - If you wanna know more about L2Raven Features, Please Check this Link { L2Raven Features } Today i wanna introduce to you our team's First Project, i hope you like it :) Beta Open : 29th September 2017 - @18:00 CET 19:00 gmt +2 So it's Just 5 Hours from the moment i'm writing this :) ~ Presentation ~ ~ Basic Rates ~ ~ Skills and Effects ~ ~ Olympiads and Wars ~ ~ Dimensional Fissure ~ ~ Battle Field ~ ~ Fight Club ~ ~ Events~ ~ Remodeling ~ ~ Support ~ Server Beta Opening on Friday 29th September 2017 Grand Opening on Friday 6th October 2017 L2Raven Website Note : Post will be Updated with Server Updater Link
  20. [L2J] L2Amalur

    L2Amalur Rates Information High Five Rates Exp/SP: 75x. Party Exp/SP: 2x. Quest: 4x. Adena: 75x Drop: 10x Spoil: 10x Enchant Rate: 55%. Enchant Safe: +4 (Enchant Max: +18 ). 2 Hours buff (26+4 Buff slots). ALt+B - Global Gatekeeper - Buffer - Buy Premium Services Shop itens grade C-S. Manor: 10x. Raid Boss: 5x Grand Raid Boss Jewls: 1x Subclass Free. Nobless for quest. Quest transformation free. Auto pickup / Auto learn skills divine and forgottens Blue drop mobs on. Oly start 20:00 GMT +2. Hero days 1 and 15. Free class 4 / Team 4 / Especific 6. - Queen Ant 22 hours 2 -/+ hours. - Antharas 9 days random 12 -/+ hours. - Baium 5 days random 12 -/+ hours. - Valakas 11 days random 12 -/+ hours. - Frintezza Minimum players 9. - Boss Quest 7Rbs up Crystals lvl 11 to 15. - All events and system vote reward Festival Adena. Available Voiced Commands. * .cfg * .report SGuard Protection Website:
  21. [L2J]Mythras

    L2MYTHRAS.EU IS BACK! <3 BIG OPENING PLANNED ON SEPTEMBER 29 2017 20.00 (GMT+2) WE ARE OPEN BETA SINCE SEPTEMBER 20! OLD AND NEW CLANS WILL BE THERE! L2Mythras - a server built by players for players! <3 DOWNLOAD YOUR PACH FROM HERE: www.L2Mythras.EU/connect.php Join us ! Play with us ! Stay with us ! MAX-ENCHANT +6 IN OLYMPIAD GAMES, MAX-ENCHANT +12 IN PVP/PVE SERVER RATES Exp x55 || SP x55 || Adena x15 || Drop x20 || Spoil x20 Quest Drop x4 || Quest Reward x4 || Manor x3 || RaidBoss Drop x4 (Epic Raid x1) Party bonus Rate: 2.00; 2.20; 2.40; 2.60; 2.80; 3.00; 3.00; 3.00; 3.00 Safe Enchant : 4 || Maximum Enchant : 12 Normal Scroll : 55% || Blessed 65% Element Stone : 65% || Crystal 75% RAID BOSS & INSTANCES INFO Boss: Ant Queen Respawn Delay: 24 h. +- 2 h. Boss: Antharas Respawn Delay: 7 d. +- 2 h. Boss: Valakas Respawn Delay: 10 d. +- 2 h. Boss: Baium Respawn Delay: 5 d. +- 2 h. Boss: Beleth Respawn Delay: 8 d. +-2 h. Boss: Epidos Respawn Delay: 2 h. Instances: Normal Freya Required players: 9 Instances: Hard Freya Required players: 11 Instances: Frintezza Required players: 9 Instances: Zaken Daytime lvl-83 Required players: 6 Instances: Zaken Daytime lvl-60 Required players: 6 Instances: Zaken Nightly lvl-60 Required players: 9 Instances: TIAT Required players: 11 Instances: Beleth Required players: 18 OTHER SERVER FEATURES .control : Character control panel .stats : Shows exact information about character statistics .vote : Use it every 12 hours to claim Reward from Voting .online : Shows how many players are online in game .offline : Sets Offline Private Store .repair : Repairing character located in same account .password : Changing Password of your Account .buffstore : Setup Offline Buffer Store .buffshield : Protects you from unwanted buffs .siege : Full siege information .combine : Combines all same type talismans, into 1 with the total duration! .ach/.achievements : Open Achievements Panel .dressme : Change your visual texture appearance of Armor/Weapon/Cloak! .report : Target a player you think is botting, and punish him! SERVER MACHINE Server Location: Europe, France CPU: Intel Xeon E5-1650 (6 cores / 12 Threads) Frequence: 3.2GHz (3.8GHz Turbo Boost) RAM: 32 GB DDR3 ECC Hard RAID: LSI MegaRAID 9271 6Gbps FastPath Hard Disk: 2x 160GB SSD Bandwidth: 500 MBps guaranteed and 1 Gbps Connection OLYMPIAD TIME AND FAQ For a fair hero competition, on L2Mythras all players will participate with maximum +6 items in Olympiad matches.
  22. [L2J] L2Hype

    We are glad to announce new Amazing x20 Mid Rate H5 Server with no customs. We guarantee BEST FILES around, BEST BOT PROTECTION (SGuard), A LOT OF PEOPLE ON and POWERFUL MACHINE! Join Us and let the entertainment begin! Useful Links Website: Forum: Features Exp/Sp x20 Adena x20 Drop x15 Spoil x15 Quest Rate 1-3x Drop 1x Reward RB Drop x5 Safe enchant +4, Max enchant +12 Olympiad max enchant +6 Element stone 40% Element crystals 30% 24 buff slots (+4 Divine Inspiration) 12 dances / songs slots 3 clients max per PC Free class transfer, GM shop up to S grade, ALT+B buffer Epics every week Donator Coin drop with small chance (any mob with +-3 lvl diff from player lvl, from lvl 76 mobs) Commands .7rb .party .offline .combinetalismans .stream .buffshield .siege .control .tournament .dressme and much more!! Heroes, Sieges, TWs, Events Heroes every saturday Sieges every week Territory War every week Auto events every one hour Infrastructure Best H5 Files Around DDoS Protection Powerful Server Machine SGuard Antibot (help preventing bots / cheaters) .report command Lock HWID / IP
  23. LII HighFive Grand Opening !!! Saturday, September 23 at 12:00 H5 Launcher: download here. H5 Client: download here. H5 System Folder: download here. WebSite Page Items Rates: Rate Amount Adena 2x 5x Drops 10x 1x Spoils 10x 2x Raids 10x 1x Raid Jewels 5x 1x Players Rates: Exp 10x Sp 10x QuestDrop 10x QuestExp 10x Safe Enchant | Retail (+3, +4 for Full Body) H5 Final Retail Feature: Territory War Castle / Fortress / Clan / Residence Pailaka 3 vs 3 Olympiad / Aerial Cleft Gracia and Seeds / Seed of Infinity / Seed of Destruction Aerial Hunting / Flying Transformations / Airships Aerial Collection / Ground Collection Vesper (S84) Weapon/Armor / Dual Daggers / Sigil / Icarus (S84) Weapons Fantasy Isle / Handy’s Block Checker / Kratei’s Cube Buff Slot System: Maximum (normal) slot count | 20 Slots Maximum slots from Divine Inspiration | 4 Slots Special Feature: Fishing Tournament with Coins rewards. Item-Mall. Champions Monsters (lvl 40-80) with Coins rewards and drop rate boosted. Wedding System. Team vs Team Event System. Capture The Flag Event System. Offline Shop/Trade System, by taking online characters of the same account. Commands: Change Account Password | .changepassword Trade | Enables/Disables | .tradeon/.tradeoff Personal Message | Enables/Disables | .pmon/.pmoff Acquire Exp/Sp | Enables/Disables | .expon/.expoff Server Time | Enables | .time Premium System: Earn GPoints by Registering to GigaRent Fun. Earn GPoints by Login to GigaRent Fun. Earn GPoints by Daily Visit to GigaRent Fun. Earn GPoints by Voting for the Server. Earn GPoints by Donating for the Server. Exchange 100 GPoints to ingame Coin of Luck | 100 Coins of Luck Server Rules: It is strictly prohibited the use of cheats and bots. Insults at players and gm will be punished with temporary or permanent ban from the entire account. The sale of accounts / items for money will be punished with a permanent account ban and items cancellation of the seller and the buyer. The secondary clans may be expropriated by ClanHall (after warning by GM) if the server gameplay makes it necessary. The use and the non- signaling of any specific exploits / bugs / glitches by players will be punished with temporary or permanent account ban. Is prohibited impersonate gm or claim to act in his name. The use of names/tags/crest offensive for the community may lead to action by the GM. Dedicated Staff with years of experience – 24/7. Discord support on our Server: here. Anytime Ticket Support for any problem.
  24. [L2J] Chronos

    Hello, I'm ADMIN Fox and L2 Chronos is my new project :D L2 Chronos is an High Five Server: LIVE server starts at 30/10/2017 18:00 GMT+1, meanwhile you can try out our REWARDED BETA server - 500x PVP style. Information about the server Hardware: Intel i7 7700k processor with 4.8 GHz. 32GB (4x8GB) DDR 4 - 3.200MHz Corsair RAM 1x SSD Samsung 950 Pro and 1xWestern Digital 7200RPM HDD 1 GB/sec dedicated line for internet connection Rates: Exp: x500 SP: x500 Adena: x30 Drop: x30 (Recs-Keys 1x) Spoil: x10 Quest Drop: x5 Safe Enchant: 3 Max Enchant: unlimited Normal Scroll Enchant Rate: 60% Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate: 65% Element Stone Rate: 40% Element Crystal Rate: 30 Server configuration: Server Site(Forum) Time GMT+1 Buffs 20 mins Dances and songs Duration 3 mins GMShop Buff Slots 24 (+4 Divine Inspiration) Dance and Songs Slots 12 Sieges and TWs every weekend to promote 2 Weeks Olympiad Class Master 1st class and 2nd class Off-line Shop mode Wedding System This will be the first server to give money to playes! Yes, you understand well: the 1st player who reach 85 lvl with 3rd class will receive 15 Euro the 1st player who reach 100 pvp will receive 20 Euro These are the first two prizes and there will be lot more! Players who'll post the screens on forum's page (!/msg6/#new) documenting this achivments and their paypal address will win the money ;D Website - The Staff of L2 Chronos :D Have a nice game!
  25. L2Maxcheaters Server Chronicle High Five Basic Rates Exp/SP: x15 Adena: x12 Drop: x10 Spoil: x10 Raid Boss Drop: x5 Epic RB Jewel Drop: x1 Safe Enchant: +4 Max Enchant: +9 (Untill 31 October) Support L2Maxcheaters will have its own autonomy in the game and in order to contact support for "Account Inquiries" only are: 1) By sending email at (from 17th September) 2) By submitting a request on the Website Live Chat 3) Creating a topic in forum. Donation Store Premium Accounts only on Store. Live Events & Contests Skype Reward Contest. Forum Activity Rewards. Facebook Reward Event. The Open BETA is at Sunday 24 September (20:00 GMT+1) The Grand Opening is at Friday 29 September (20:00 GMT+1)