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Found 13 results

  1. I make a topic in which we can discuss random things about league of legends. new patch notes epic matches etc.. Next Poll: #1 Topic at MxC
  2. Hello many of us have a L2 project with custom rates , currently we count with tools to increase exp , drop , quest reward ,but not for quest item drop rate itself this means more than the 60% of quest are unusefull for players because in fact the chance to get quest item is X1 but rest of rates can be increased so player will get level and items by farming before he could end quest So im creating a tool that parshe AI and increase quest item drop chance . Features: Can change drop rates of all quest or specified ones. You can see a list with current quest and their drop items rates. Edit when you want any drop item chance or reset to its original state
  3. Hi there, so the last time I played L2 was when Gracia 2 was released. I was playing on a server a I have created with some friends (former owner of L2Queen in case anyone knows or remembers). Back then, I was really young and I couldnt do much since I wasnt educated enough and I had no experience with programming at all. I always wanted to build a server on my own so I decided to come back here and see whats up. If I am not mistaken, nowadays Lineage is dead pretty much and other games like League of Legends have all the traffic. I have a really great storyline to base my Lineage server on but at this moment I dont have the time neither to start nor to focus on a project and this is where I need your opinion. Instead of creating a server I decided to create a Control Panel for the Lineage 2 servers and I will release it on the forums here when its done. I am willing to start working on this but at least I would like to know that someone is going to use my product and that I am not releasing it into a dead audience. Things I am thinking to include: Register System (Including Activation) Account Management Character Statistics I would really appreciate it if you posted your opinion and a few suggestions of what would you like to see in the project. Sincerely, George "Y-Less"
  4. Hello don't play server corupted 100% ( EDITED CARACTERS )
  5. Hello, im running normally l2j server and i can connect to the game with but when i'm trying to connect with the external ip i cant log in . When i am checking ports 7777 and 2106 they are closed. I opened the ports inside the rooter and i added them into the firewall but they are still closed so nobody can connect !. Help me , thanks !
  6. I am really curious if anyone is using PSC nowadays because it seems nobody use this anymore, I'm trying to find a 10Euro PSC voucher from 3 days and there's nobody trading, having, knowing anyone to make this trade happen. If you got a 10E Psc voucher please send me a PM with your skype. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello Cheaters, I wanna introduce to you my new Project which is a Desktop Application based on .NET named L2Ninja. Table of Contents : – What is L2Ninja – System Requirements – Objectives – The Plan & Main Features – Feedback and Suggestions – Current State – Future Plans – Reported Bugs – ScreenShots – How to Help ? – Releasing Information - Update Log What is L2Ninja ? L2Ninja is a desktop application based on .NET core that aim to help L2 Server and Client Developers to be able to work with L2 Files and do their routine task easily with the less bugs possible. System Requirements : – Operating System : It’s mainly built for Windows OS, maybe in feature will consider working for a Linux version, have no decision about this yet. Application been developed and pretested on Windows 10 64 bit-based Processor, but should be working fine with Windows 8 and 7. will confirm that when testers prepare their report. – .NET Framework : This Application based on .NET core which means you need the proper .NET version to be installed in order to run it. Required .NET version for this to run is .NET Framework 4.5 . Also there will be two Installer Packages for this Software one of them will be shipped with proper .NET Offline Installer, and the other one without to reduce installer Disk Size. – Disk Space : For the current State and version the application needs approximately 50 MegaBytes as Diskspace Objectives and Aims : First i started this project a private little tool that help me to work with Lineage Development to reduce time and efforts, also i was using a lot of well known tools which was annoying process routine to use about 2 or 3 programs to do a simple task, so i wanted to create a tool that combine what’s needed to do Lineage stuff. It had a very non-organized interface and a mess everywhere but who cares it was just a private thing to make job done no more, after that i decided to make more researches on Lineage communities to see what applications they use and what known bugs are out there to improve my little application … and after some fixes i decided to improve it more to be usable but someone else so i started a Discussion to ask people in MxC community, about what they think about it and how to make it useful to others. By the community members feedback i got new suggestions, ideas and problems that L2 Developers face when working with there daily tasks. At that point i had new objectives : – Create an organized and clean interface – Best User Experience … working on Accessibility and Easy to Use concepts to be usable by anyone without very extensive experience requirements – Provide many tools in one application so you can give your Alt-tab a lil mercy – As most Coders/Developers spend a lot of time in front of their screens so they need an Eyes relaxing mechanism, that why i work on multi Interface Colors Schemes so applications users can adjust it to fit better in their working environment lightning – Reliability ….. i got reported by a friend on MxC community that some L2 Tools out there sometimes deletes and corrupt files by mistake, so i try to work hard on reliability and backups mechanism, and the main concept here is to make that application never use your files directly or replace it until it’s verified as a valid modification process. – Listening and Listening then Listening …. i believe that something made for the community should be made by the community it self, that’s why i insist to ask people about their opinions and listen for their problems and suggestions . – Responsibility … wont leave this project and stop updating at least until i can rely on another .NET developer to take the flag so i can take a break then i back again, until then i’ll be responsible for the updates and fixing bugs ( i don’t pretend to be a good coder and will never do but i’ll try my best) – Eyes Catches First … i’ll try to achieve a beautiful interface to make it at least non-disturbing looking if not catchy The Plan & Main Features : – UTX Files : Supporting the main tasks for UTX Files such as decrypting, encrypting, searching inside the file, view items, export a single/multi/all to readable and editable files – System Files (dat, ini, int) : The ability to work with System files and edit them in a more readable way by listing it’s contents into a Grid for more readability, save them back or export, as well as searching, replacing and validation, also providing a new feature which is Applying patch so you can share modifications with others to import it into there system – Splash Tool : Capability of working with L2 Splash Image files with features as encrypt, decrypt, replace original with new one and viewing an encrypted file with respect of Transparency mechanism in Lineage so it will show it after applying the transparency mechanism so you wont see that green and pinky colors. Also the capability of replacing original BMP Splashes with almost any image format and support transparency so the application will process your transparent pixels and apply the original Lineage Transparency Keys and definitions – Server XML Files : Editing XML Server Files visually without caring to open/closing tags, attributes … etc, which can cause big problems for a simple mistake if done by hand. Well we all know that XML Files structure are different so i’ll implement an XSD Validation to detect the XSD that XML uses and apply it to it . But older chronicles pack doesn’t support XSD, in this case i’ll make it skip XSD Validation and just scan the file to detect scheme, but i have plans to add custom XSDs to the application for certain packs like aCis, since it has fans so i can’t skip fans of aCis so application we have a special support for aCis server files – Config Editor : Work with .properties file, i know it’s plain easy to edit files, but why not just having all in one with some extra features and auto complete organized editor – HTML Designer : Not a regular HTML Designer but a special WYSIWYG HTML designer and Editor made for Lineage, how many time you had to start the server and log just to see how the html button will look like or if some color fit or not, it’s just pain also most of us got Critical Errors just for an HTML mistake. – Database Tools Just a little tool that helps you with backups, monitoring and custom modifications such as adding agumentations, change access levels, change passwords, scan for dual boxes and much more … but how can i know the database structure ? Well i’ll implement a database scheme definitions for most known packs (at least known to me) so you can you can select the pack you work with and application will load proper definitions – Icon Finder A tool that help you search and find the icon you want and it will be working in three ways : First : Search by src .. ex. : Icon.blablabla and this will show you the icon preview Second : looking into a list of icons and get the src location of what you selected, based on extensive search into a file you select or default files set by application Third : Search by Item ID, ex. : 57 > will show Adena Icon Also this tool will be integrated into HTML Designer, so you add icons to HTML document on the fly without even know the src for it. – Color Tools Here you will get a color picker so no need to open Photoshop just for picking a color, also get the valid color codes Lineage system files or HTML files – Report Tool So if you got a bug or problem or something you can send me a report without leaving the application and go to forums or emails … etc – Snippets Desktops are screaming nowadays .. everytime we found a good snippet, link, guide … etc we create a new text file to desktop and save it to it, by time ending up with many text files, so with this tool you can save your snippets, todo lists, links in organized categories that’s created by you. – More features coming to futures plans or maybe to current plan if requested by the community Feedback and Suggestions : – Some editors deletes file even when doing the process right Credits : VanGon Status : Fixed – Try to improve it as much as you can Credits : baksteen Status : I’m on it – Being able to import files and create ready to use utx Credits : SweeTs Status : It Supports UTX files operation but working on more operations – You could add drag’n’drop as a optional way to load files Credits : SweeTs Status : Done – add a small ‘preview’ window for the UTX files. So, you can see what icon it is, if you want to see it bigger/detailed, then you click ‘view selected’ button. Credits : SweeTs Status : Done – Improving DDF Files Credits : Sdw Status : Fixed Some as npcgrp.ddf, itemname-e.ddf and need testing to detect other problems to fix - Thing of creating your own project's website, and gather all the traffic from your users there (reports,requests,download etc). Credits : @`NeverMore Status : Published at - have a script to automatically encrypt+overwrite existing in directory Credit : @big man bill Status : In Progress Current State : – Metro Style Interface – Multi Themes adjustable by use via Application Settings Panel – Encrypt a UTX file with one-click – Decrypt a UTX file with one-click – UTX Browser : Browse UTX Encrypted Files, look inside contents with a grid sortable by type and name, search inside it, export selected textures, export all at once, view selected texture or content, (Adding a live preview without a click) – System File Editor : Open Lineage system Files, Show Contents to a sortable grid, Modify, Search, Replace, Patch, Export to Text File, Save them after validation to original file or another location based on user decision – File Editor Chronicles Support : it support from C3 to GrandCursade – Modified DDF files for the System File Editor to reduce errors and bugs – Splash Tool : Open an Encrypted Lineage Image such as Splash screen and live preview it – Splash Tool Automatic Encryption or Decryption State, so the application will recognize if the loaded image is encrypted or not – Decrypt Encrypted Lineage Image – Convert Encrypted or Decrypted Lineage Images to another Formats – Replace Encrypted Original Lineage Image with none Encrypted Image – Transparent Preserve for L2 Images so you see a transparent image into the preview without green and pink extra colors – Ability to replace original Lineage Bmp Image with non-BMP files with automatic Transparency translation for PNG files to Original Lineage Transparency Mechanism – Drag and Drop Editor : you can now drag and drop a lineage file to the application and it will load the proper tool for it – Shortcuts for most Application Functions - UTX Browser Now have a live preview support which means when you click on a texture from the grid you'll see how it look like in a preview box, and you can click Full Definition Button for full preview - Adapted File Edit Grid with the Selected theme for better visualization Future Plans : I’m aiming high for the future to this application to a very handy tool for Lineage Development progress and make it easy to attach a server project to it to provide a management tool for the server as well as monitoring and maybe it will come with a server pack in future… who knows …. Reported Bugs : will be posted here when receive it from testers …. Screenshots : - Live Preview Added September 2nd - File Edit Theme Adaption : Added 10th September 2017 - Color Detection : Added 10th September 2017 - Advanced Color Picker : Added 10th September 2017 Note : Will add more Screens over time How to help ? Well any hand will be appreciated, here is a list with things i could use a hand at : – Report bug or Problem that exist now days when work with L2 Files – Suggest a Feature or Update or even a simple modification for any thing even if buttons order – Pm me if you can join the project as a Tester to find bugs – Share any opinion with me Releasing Information : The plan is that Project should be Ready on 15th of September, getting more hands and help as listed in “How to help ?” section will make things faster Update Log : - 2nd September 2017 Add Live Preview to UTX Browser > Thanks to @SweeTs Enhance Search Process , you can now just type in and out and it will be processed without a single button click Modify Grids to Adapt automatically with Selected Theme and Style for better Visualization Add Screen shot of Live Preview and Search within UTX Browser - 10th September 2017 - Adapt File Edit Grid with the Selected theme for better visualization - Automatically Detect Colors Parameters and Add it as Background, for accessibility purpose. So you don't need to check how this color looks like anymore - With Double Click on a Colored Element you get an Adobe-Like Color picker, which automatically translate values to the valid syntax of dat files (rgb and rgba) Note : A Video will be available soon
  8. Having reconnected with an old friend, he catching me up on things that change over the years. One such mention was "anti cheat / client protector" using kernel mode device drivers (one that require user to boot into test signing mode none the less!) My question is: ...why? Do you really need callbacks (unless are total moron and hooking ntoskrnl in 2017..) to stop a user mode process? This is sad, not only that -- you are placing user at risk, as a driver as access to every part of the player's system.. (we staying to ring3 & ring0 for this, not going into hypervisor). Why should they trust your product, period. While it is true, somethings cannot perform from user mode. Example my "HideToolz" , "Hidecon" and soon to be released open source Windows 10 process hide... all use driver to remove process from EPROCESS list and handle table... yet, for example, with HideToolz... you can detect with simple FindWindow call. Thanks for entertaining my question,
  9. Hey guys . . . I have vps at contabo SSD L plan with 100 mbps port . . Recently my players have a lot of DC I checked my vps and it was downloading at maximum speed I couldn't do any thing at this time but I installed ddos deflat and adjusted iptable rules ,ufw and kernal aettings now I have rondom lag and some times players get DCs but it's not alot . . Iam planing to upgrade to better plan with 1 Gbps port I wanna know is it will make any difference? Or I have to move to another company like OVH . Hope any one know good solution for small server to help me . .
  10. Hi, i want some expert to answer me in this question. Which is faster: 1. player.getObject().onDie(); 2. Interface.invoke("onDie", player); <-- Example syntax sucks afc.. just to make u understand I think reflection is no that fast but does it affect performance if for example we do 5 times reflection upon doAttack ? This mean every a player hit it does 5 invokes. PS. i did a berchmark in my code: It takes 46682 nanoseconds to invoke 5 methods. This mean 0.046682 milliseconds
  11. What would be the reason of pause the tread of player for like 1.5 to 2 seconds upon sendSkillList? I did berchmark on the public void sendSkillList(final L2PcInstance player) code it return literally 0.06 millisecond respond time So thats no the reason. There is no other code both admin (give_all_skills) and the sub-class use the sendSkillList(player); which it really has no delay since i made it's List and it's really fast. What else would cause this 1.5 - 2 second delay upon give skill list? Give some advice
  12. Hello guys, we are recruiting new staff members for a L2 OFF project, in short description we will present you what you have to know about L2 in order to join our team and also what you have to share to us in order to know more about you. Where are you from? We are looking to find active staff members from France, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain, United States, Brazil, Argentina, Poland, Czech Republic. How old are you? Preferable over 20 years old. What is your gaming experience? A short description where you played, what nick-names you had, with what clans you played. What experience do you have as Forum Moderator, Forum Administrator, Game Master, Helper GM etc? Introduce to us your CV regarding your ex-projects, or your ex-partnerships, or where did you manage to acquire a position from above, present why you was chosen and how long you stand there. What languages can you speak? You must speak at least english fluently! How many hours per day can you activate? From how long you know/played/worked with this game? Why we should pick you in our team? Development (C++), Web design, community management experience? If yes provide us your portofolio. To get in touch with us and to receive an answer from us, we'd like to give you our mail address where you can answer to our recruiting application.