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Found 78 results

  1. Hello everyone. How are you today? My name is Mike and i’m from Greece but i live in UK. I know that some of you will say: You will be a scammer, will run away, try to ''steal someone'' , it is a useless, bad idea etc ... I'm posting this only because I AM TIRED TO START IT ON MY OWN !!! Someone maybe cant afford all the outgoing money that's why i'm HERE to share everything !!!! Try before judge !!!!!!! IF SOMEONE DON'T HAVE HUMAN TRUST OR HAVING A BAD DAY etc PLEASE keep it for your self and don't reply me. THANK YOU I was wondering to know if someone want to be my partner or looking for a partner. What i mean? For me is simple. PS: * I had my own pack few years ago, L2jFrozen started from 0 to Live server. For some reason, my Deticate 'Company' PC they took back the PC because i was late to pay him for the next month [ 1 hour late ] so i lost my Server,Pack EVERYTHING !! For some reason, my 4shared account does not work ( can’t log in ) So i’m looking for someone to start it from 0 or if someone got any Pack and he want 'partner' to work together on it. What i can offer to you? 1. Dedicate PC. ( Me & you will have access ) 2. WebSite. ( Me & you will have access ) - No Forum experience yet. 3. Good Knowledge of Developing 4. In-game, fixing Files and Eclipse Source etc ... 5. HONEST, TEAM WORK and TRUSTABLE 6. Available 18:00 - 02,03,04:00 GMT ( UK Time ) Much more .... What i need from you to offer me? First of all!!! ( No. 1 ) 1. HONEST, TEAM WORK and TRUSTABLE 2. Good knowledge of Developing 3. Own Pack or we can start from 0 4. Available any time _ prefer 18:00 - 02,03,04:00 GMT ( UK Time ) Anyone is thinking to reply me a bad comment PLEASE DON'T DO IT but keep it for your self !!!! Thank you. Mike
  2. w/e they idiots and made check inventory system, but when u check phantom player, its show just armor not weap / jawels ;((( 99/100 players at giran phantoms, np brazonka/mouserinko keep going with your shity serbers phantom : real playa:
  3. PLR1 = Player 1 is a friend of mine and had a dispute going on in PayPal against L2Mid's GM SkyLord. My friend left L2Mid server and I (PLR2 = Player 2) logged in his 2 accounts to check if there was any items worth I could ask him for. Moments later I logged off and logged in on my own accounts (3 boxes) and started playing. Then I got moved to jail with one of my characters and GM SkyLord started the conversation shown in screenshot below. After the discussion was over, he moved my other 2 characters to jail, disconnected me (to prevent me from taking screenshots, but luckily I took it while we were chatting) and left my characters in jail until now. He says he has proof of us both having the same IP (which he doesn't, because I live in Brazil and my friend lives in United Kingdom), but you can notice by yourself many contradictions in his words: 1. He's pming me asking for my friend, so he KNOWS we are not the same player. 2. After telling I just logged in his accounts but we don't share the same IP, he says he's sorry but that I need to contact him (my friend) and tell him to close dispute. 3. "All accounts will be blocked", "Sorry I need to protect myself" and "I can't help you sorry" is another proof that he knows we are not the same, but he has to do something to hurt my friend (PLR1 = Player 1). 4. Finally SkyLord admits that if HE (my friend) doesn't close PayPal dispute I will be banned. Ps. I just censored our nicknames for privacy but I don't mind revealing it if anybody wants to see, because we did nothing wrong after all. I also have all the original unedited screenshots in case someone doubts it. TL;DR Because of a PayPal dispute with my friend regarding donations, GM SkyLord from L2Mid decided to BAN ME to somehow hurt my friend. I've never donated to L2Mid and had NOTHING to do with their PayPal dispute. So think twice before playing there, kids. It could happen to you. I personally will never be setting foot in L2Mid ever again. Bye!
  4. Hello im playing in an interlude server and i messed with the system i used a patch and the thing is that the anti buff now is not working, anyone know in which folder is the file for antibuff located or how the anti buff file is called so i can replace it? in the skill screen i can see the anti buff but its black and i cant use it. Thanks In Advance
  5. Looking for a few event GM as well as a few community ambassadors for my upcoming server. Join me on discord if interested: A little more info on the project: Server will be low rate most likely still thinking on this. Has a really good anti-bot / anti-cheat system as well as boxing protection. People are allowed 1 box max. H5 has a few things fundamentally wrong with it such as Vitality / Nevit, and Vesper / Moirai spoils. I will most likely remove these things from the game. Little about me: Ran my first L2 server too many years ago to remember. Back when L2J first started which lasted 3-4 months. From there on played a myriad of private servers up until a couple of years ago when I quit due to time restraints. Always wanted to do another server and finally decided to go ahead with it. If your wondering about my skillset in regards to ability to setup maintain and fix a L2 server like this. I have been a systems admin for the past 8 years and while Windows is not really my thing I am good enough with it and Mssql to maintain a solid project and server. Donations: Nothing QQ material and nothing that will give a large ingame advantage to people or clans.
  6. I have a problem, I just created a server off, and I have the problem with the super haste And I throw an error in the game saying: "ERROR : THERE IS NO SUCH SKILL. <skill id="7029" levels="4" name="Super Haste"> <table name="#Tab-runSpd"> 7.5 8 6 9 </table> <table name="#Tab-mReuse"> 1 2 4 30 </table> <table name="#Tab-mAtkSpd"> 1.5 1.8 3 4 </table> <table name="#Tab-pAtkSpd"> 1.2 1.5 2 3 </table> <set name="power" val="0.0"/> <set name="target" val="TARGET_SELF"/> <set name="skillType" val="CONT"/> <set name="operateType" val="OP_TOGGLE"/> <set name="castRange" val="-1"/> <set name="effectRange" val="-1"/> <for> <effect name="Buff" time="144000" count="1" val="0"> <mul order="0x30" stat="runSpd" val="#Tab-runSpd"/> <div order="0x30" stat="mReuse" val="#Tab-mReuse"/> <mul order="0x30" stat="mAtkSpd" val="#Tab-mAtkSpd"/> <mul order="0x30" stat="pAtkSpd" val="#Tab-pAtkSpd"/> </effect> </for> </skill>
  7. Rates: XP – x25 SP – x25 Adena – x50 Drop – x1 Quest – x1 Normal Enchant Scroll – 66% Blessed Enchant Scroll – 75% Crystal Enchant Scroll – 85% Top Lifestone Skill – 30% Top Lifestone Glow – 100% Server Currencies We wouldn't like to mess players with many materials and other currencies so the gameplay will be more simple easy and understanding. We have decided to have the following currencies. Adena Royal Adena (100kk adena = 1 Royal Adena) Ancient Adena S Grade Material (Needed to craft S-Grade Stuff.) Special Coin (A coin that can be dropped from all mobs with 1% chance) Server Features and NPCs Starting level 20 with top D-Grade gear in custom spawn with basic NPCS Luxury Gatekeeper with Towns/Castles/Hunting Areas/Party Zones/Arenas teleports Gm-Shop selling all gear up to A-Grades/consumables/enchants and so Custom Shop Selling S-Grade gear for materials, such as other stuff NPC Buffer including all buffs/songs/dances but no 3rd level buffs. Buff time is set to 3 hours Max buff slot 32+4 divine inspiration Higher level buffs from Support classes Warehouse Keeper including Clan Warehouse and Freight Subclass is available without quest. You can add up to 5 subclasses Noblesse Quest is disabled. You can get Caradine's letter from all Raid Bosses with 50% on drop or buy it from Custom Shop for Adena/Ancient Adena/Materials S Grade Classes Quests are disabled.1st and 2nd class free,3rd class 100kk adena Olympiad is retail and works 100% Server Explanation You start at level 20 with top D Grade gear shots and potions. So you are ready to go for level up. For C/B/A Grade special ability weapons you will need adena and ancient adena. For S Grade weapons you will also need S Grade Materials All mobs from level 20 to 85 drop adena and ancient adena. DVC Deep mobs drop S Grade Materials ancient adena and adena Party Zones are hard and you really need a party including bishop and tank Party Zone mobs have generous droplists such as Adena/Ancient Adena/S Grade materials/Lifestones. Abandoned Coal Mines have the best ancient adena drops. Also all mobs have a chance to drop S Grade weapons There are several raid bosses with really nice droplists.You need a full and nice party to kill them Buffers and buffs. NPC buffers including all buffs songs and dances up to level 72 from all classes although they do not include 3rd classes skills.Support xlasses keep learning higher level skills till they reach level 80.For example Might level 6,Blessed Body level 10,Dance of Fury level 2,Song of Vitality level 3 and so on.If you want to be top buffed you will have to create Support classes and power level them. This will make support classes be more playable and keep the economy up by selling buffs in Giran. Custom Items (Still under discussion,they might be added also not) Dusk Weapons (aKa L2Gold Weapons) Demons Tattoos (Each Class own tattoo) Greater Right Tattoos Custom armors (Dynasty or ...?) Donations We have decided that we do not want to affect the gameplay with donations so there will never ever be weapons/armors/jewels/enchant and so on available to donate for.We have decided to offer fair services in exchange for supporters money .So this is going to be our final list and will open after 2 weeks from grand opening. Premium Account (Double XP,SP,Adena) - 20$ Main Class and 1 Subclass Level 80 – 10$ Main Class level 80, 1 Subclass Level 80 and Noblesse – 20$ Noblesse – 10$ Clan Level 8 – 10$ Clan Reputation 25.000 -10$ AIO Buffer (Including all skills from all level 80 classes) - 35$ The Donation list is final.
  8. Just a simple question. Is there any l2 classic open source project that you know of? Thanks
  9. kalispera se olous .. opios endiaferete na sinergastoume na ftiaksoume ena server as mou stili ena minima .. i keri einai diskoli xoris sinergasia simera den kaneis tipota :)
  10. Καλησπέρα σε όλη την ομάδα του MaxCheaters. Ήθελα να σας ρωτήσω αν υπάρχει κάποιο Guide που να δείχνει λεπτομερός πως να αλλάζω Stats από Armor/Weapons/Tattoo/Jewels ή αν μπορεί κάποιος να με βοηθήσει μέσο Skype να έρθω σε επικοινωνία μαζί του. Δηλαδή να βάλω αυτά που θέλω εγώ. Παρακαλώ πολύ να με βοηθήσετε χωρίς βρισιές και λογομαχίες! Καλή σας μέρα!
  11. I just wanna address something because I'm tired of replying to the same question over and over again. During the past 6-12 months everyone in the forum and their grandma has pmed me asking me to sell them a Fake Players Engine i showcased a while ago. I refused every time saying that I'm done with l2j stuff. However people have been offering decent amounts of money to buy something like that. As far as I'm concerned I don't play L2 anymore so i couldn't care less, but there is something I like more than materialistic stuff. MONEY. So yeah even though i think it is pathetic that this is what it has become of that lovely game i spent countless hours, i decided to profit off of it on this way. However I won't launch something that i don't think meets some quality standards. I spent the weekend developing the bare-bones of the engine, random player generation, developing some basic AI (movement, following, attack) and stress testing the server to see how far i can go. Some if the features i have in mind Full fake player control panel in the admin area with Generation of a fake player from the panel with specific configuration AI Intelligence levels Taking control of a fake player and moving it through your admin player Fighting patterns Automatic player generation Save bots Minimal communication The ability to extend the AI system by writing your own behaviors as a developer Just give me some time and you will get what you want. Feel free to discuss. (Again i don't support this idea so don't take the piss. It is just a supply and demand thing)
  12. Server Rates Starting level - 40 XP - x75 Party XP - x1.1 SP - x75 Adena - x75 Drop Rate - x1 Safe Enchant - +4 Max Enchant Weapon - +16 Max Enchant Armor - +12 Enchant Rate Normal Scroll - 66% Enchant Rate Blessed Scroll - 66% Server NPCS GM-Shop selling up to A grades with adena *S Grades can be found on GM shop for: Adena Ancient Adena (Retail from Catacombs) Materials S Grade (Can be farmed from DVC bridge and deeper mobs) Global Gatekeeper Warehouse Nobless Manager (or quest can be done retail) Top PVP-PK manager Raid Boss Manager NO NPC BUFFER Server Feautures -All skill retail working -All buffs retail time -No Custom items -Daily events (TvT,CTF,DM) More to be posted,we would just like to hear your opinions for a server of that style.Did you even missed it so far?Would you be glad to see a server like this and join? All opinions are welcome.Thanks for your time :)
  13. Edit: Well it's official and going to happen. HB lowrate is coming, with some twists to help try and overcome some of the games inherent problems these days, such as "the rush".
  14. I Search Partner for l2 server to crate website Skype Batista0099
  15. Good evening to all.. I need one for me coummunty for freya. with payment Depending on your job.............Anyone who knows anything will send me a message
  16. There are three tentative designs, Battlecast, Adventurer, and Deep Space. Voting is open now until November 13! Vote Here!
  17. Have you check l2 in mobile?! yes? what's your oppinion?
  18. Hello , i stared this topic to ask you about a dedicated server. Is that dedicated server from Germany good for a project with 1-2k users? Cost 50 Euros monthly Intel® Core™ i7-4770 Quad-Core incl. Hyper-Threading Technology RAM: 32 GB DDR3 Hard Drive: 2 x 240 GB SATA 6 Gb/s SSD (Software-RAID 1) Connection: 1 GBit/s-Port Guaranteed bandwidth: 1Gbit/s Backup space: 100 GB Traffic: 30 TB *
  19. Greetings, i'm not familiar with the conversion, i would love let's say to move NPC's with their elements, AI, skills into xml using a template i want. The question is how you make this happen automatically? Im thinking it's a procedure like, let's say JOIN tables and then you do what? Thanks a lot Ps. im about to code a sql-xml generator which will do the work for me using a template ill add and replace the fields after i JOINED them all.
  20. First of all i want to say that this incoming project is a copy from an oldschool server c3 called Illicit Awakening , back in 2005 , from the first Private Servers . Hello there . I am ready to open a new project with Interlude client but with c3 features. I'm making this topic to ask your opinion about this project , because it is risky and prototype. So it will be : Interlude client . x35 xp. x35 SP. x100 adenas. x5 spoil. CP bar will be removed or maby not? I haven't decided yet. Hero weapons will removed from olympiad. Their will be only custom hero weapons with unique effects, craftable only in secret random place. Hero system and olympiad retail like. All classes are balanced and modifided for PvP even dwarfs,summoners,prohpet,bd,sws and etc. All S grade Armors are removed such IC,Draco,Imp set, and are replaced with custom craftable armor set with like : Karmian , Theca and etc. All S grade Weapons stay normal , with modifided A grade weapons such : Soul bow Critical DMG and etc. Also hero weapons . SA to all weapons requires crystal. Custom tattoos with effects and bonuses craftable , and AIO tattoos craftable but BOSS item required. Custom skill to all classes : requires 2b SP < hard to gather 2b SP> This skill every time you learn it gives you bonus stats. reach to 100 lvl. GM Shop to A grade with adenas, A grade are unsealed. B grade are sealed. Weapons normaly no SA. Buffer only lvl 1 buffs no 3rd class buffs, buff duration 60 mins Buffs are modifided to lvl 3 songs and buffs , dances cov etc. Available only with character PP,BD,SWS, etc. SODA , ACM , LAIR, COT, ANT NEST are the farm zones including BOSSES Secret Bosses. There are more features on this project but you will see it in BETA period. So what is your opinion ? I hope Victoria and Aria players will like it and Join ! NOTE: If i am in wrong topic , please some staff to remove it to the right place. thanks
  21. Good evening to all..I'm looking for an expert developer ..and his job will be paid well
  22. Discussion Zaken Info

    Greetings people, i want write my own AI for grandbosses but the problem is that i stuck in ZAKEN Anyone know how zaken actual work in FY-H5 ? I see on google zaken's door open at X hour. But then i read in H5 zaken works as instance. Then we got different zakens. Daytime, Daytime 83 and Nightime 83. Anyone can give me infos. Thanks for your time.
  23. Raid boss id whats name ? I just want get id
  24. Γεια σας παιδια καποιοι φιλοι μου ξεκινησαν μια εταιρια αυτοματου arbitrage ειναι στοιχηματα χωρις ρισκο ριξτε μια ματια αν σας ενδιαφερει το καθημερινο κερδος