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  1. forum is bad

    There are tons of other problems. Better keep on fixing forum, because You might need to unban a loooot of ppl if You screw this up to still have at least few users here... Most important - fix the fucking search engine already. Ppl can't find shits. No one will give You a medal for adding flags and emots to the profile feed. BTW: Nice to see You trying to care a bit again.
  2. forum is bad

    He doesnt give a shit. And if it's a user adverising like that, then Maxtor should do something about it... Oh wait...
  3. Lineage 3 screenshots: https://mrave20.deviantart.com/gallery/ 

  4. forum is bad

    My fucking god...Maxtor has some serious problems... He doesnt give a fuck on a lvl over 9000. Don't want to fix the forum, but running another advertisement system - by PM's. WTF is wrong with You?! http://prntscr.com/h03qyq This forum is pure shit.
  5. EPIC: https://mrave20.deviantart.com/gallery/ 

  6. forum is bad

    My God, I'm not alone with this... I've even decided to leave the mod group, because there was no point of beeing a part of staffers at this point. Why? Because after update, staffers have the same priviliges as normal users...Maxtor didn't give a flying fart about that. Only Global Mods got theirs privliges after 2 months of begging Maxtor to do that. It should be HIS intention, not ours to beg for privs and keep the forum clean. It is his own forum, but all he cares is server donations (he even started MxC server even when forum was fucked up...and still is) and advertisement. Thats all. That is his "importand stuff". I just got the feeling I will get banned for telling the truth in public ^^ But hey - when Maxtor will think why he keep on loosing users, he will unban most of retards so the users numbers will be ok-ish. Phuck logic 2017 PS: I really like xDrac designs, but if he only can change the color theme (not even fully) of the existing theme and then leave it and dont fix the code itself, then phuck me, that's pure scamm, and if he did that for free, then phuck me again, because even Maxtor himself could do that better. http://prntscr.com/gyyvkj Design by xDrac? It should be: http://prntscr.com/gyywlj
  7. forum is bad

    Actual screenshot of Maxtor's desktop wallpaper: Enjoy the write and read option on this forum. Thats all You can get.
  8. Reputation - Feedback system?

    It's not disabled. After update the permission system is fucked - for ALL ranks (mods, vip, donators, bla bla). Thats why feedback system is enabled, but no one can actualy use it and add feedback to other users. After update, most of the forum code / user options are fucked, not only feedback system. But reporting it doesnt even matter. Maxtor is busy with "importand stuff" and mods can do shit about it, because they don't have permissions too. Dead end. You need to understand that everything on this forum has its time, but ONLY AFTER "importand stuff" that brings it's owner some money. So be patient, enjoy the read & write option and remember: 2018 has 365 days - plenty of time to fix stuff :E "Problem solved" :E Someone close this topic.
  9. Lineage 3 screenshots: https://mrave20.deviantart.com/gallery/ 

  10. My DeviantART profile Hello, Are You bored with all the same Lineage 2 experiences? - Same stuff, same designs? Maybe You are looking for something special for Your project? Are You seeking for a Graphic Designer? ​Take a look then: *Logo for a metal band. * Legends of Lineage template is similar to previous theme (L2Country) on customer request. CONTACT:Skype: mrave20 Private Message PAYMENT METHODS:PayPal Skrill International bank transfer Take care, AVE