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  1. No idea the code you use. Set configs as you want and keep few hours validation. Example, end 00:00 validation till 16:00 and at 18:00 oly starts. What you showed now, looks ok. As those 5h is validation.
  2. Change the validation to few hours. So, the same day 18 new cycle should start.
  3. There is a 24h 'validation' window.
  4. No no no. You have to create a new long variable, set the time using system current time + 10sec on kill, then on the switch compare the time if your variable > current time.
  5. What about reading/showing the error? No one will find, code this line especially for you to see the error / correct method usage.
  6. Yeah, that line. Else you have not enough ram.
  7. Right click on the bat and edit Xmx, if your OS is x32 max is like 1,7G, if you use x64 then set it to 2G. If you decrease don't forget to deactivate geodata, fully or some blocks. Read the properties.
  8. if (!player.destroyItemByItemId("ex", REQUIRE_ITEM_FOR_EX[0], REQUIRE_ITEM_FOR_EX[1], null, true)) player.sendPacket(SystemMessage.getSystemMessage(SystemMessageId.NOT_ENOUGH_REQUIRED_ITEMS)); else player.addItem("rew", REWARD_ITEM[0], REWARD_ITEM[1], null, true); You could make it like if (!player.destroyItemByItemId("ex", REQUIRE_ITEM_FOR_EX[0], REQUIRE_ITEM_FOR_EX[1], null, true)) return; player.addItem("rew", REWARD_ITEM[0], REWARD_ITEM[1], null, true); If destroyItem.. return false, you get the message about incorect item count. With your message, you get it twice.
  9. Discussion ANTI BUFF LOCATION

    Skillgrp and skillname.
  10. Look your screen, main method. That's the correct place and method is registerHandler. You have registered tvt command. Do the same.