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  1. Report xDrac

    To each their own I guess, I watched because it had Boromir in it, but I lost interest when they killed him because there was no interesting actor... Now I'm not watching TV anymore because it's a waste of time, playing videogames is million times better because it requires at least some brain activity
  2. Report xDrac

    It's not necessarily bad, it's just overrated. @efegue I'd recommend opening a dispute, perhaps there's a chance of getting the 200$ back. Maybe it's not a lot of money to you but you can always help a lot with such ammount to some charity :)
  3. WTB r33team.ru DO STEAL IN L2 servers!

    yeah I thought they're shady... Also their spammers ingame are annoying :/
  4. Report xDrac

    100% ban, didn't know the guy was such a kid. A bit offtopic though, absolutely glorious:
  5. [L2OFF] Lineage2cz

    ++ If you're looking for a non-russian midrate IL server which has a decent chance of being live more than a year, here it is.
  6. [L2Off] L2Classic

  7. That's what I said, I don't know the actual prices on Skelth but I don't think the price for Core lv 3 would be far from 1000€ :)
  8. [L2Off] L2Classic

    You mean Hawkeye or Phantom Summoner? Hard to say, but if I were to decide between these two I'd call Hawkeye, because it will be much easier for you to find RB party and with the new overpowered Othell's Rune (up to +375 crit rate) you'll exp fairly easily even without buffer ;)
  9. [L2Off] L2Classic

    Well to be perfectly honest it's somewhat difficult to actually catch the RB party in the partymatching because it usually gets filled within 5 minutes - anyone who has a bow is usually accepted :D btw. this is how party matching usually looks on EU prime:
  10. [L2Off] L2Classic

    Well the ammount of 'newcomers' is about the the same as it was before, the patch 2.0 mostly brought back old people to be fair. But it's much easier to find low level RB parties now because of the rune dropping. :)
  11. [L2Off] L2Classic

  12. Custom loading banners?

    :LOoks great, ty. Will try later.
  13. Custom loading banners?

    Shame :/ Is there any tutorial how to change them here on MXC? The search button is f***ed up you can't find anything now.
  14. [L2Off] L2Classic

    Well apparently thousands of people care since they're playing on l2classic.club :P
  15. [L2Off] L2Classic

    Just in case anyone was curious how's the server and all after the 2.0 update: And it's not even some kind of funny angle, unfortunately they removed infinite zoom on 2.0 but the shops are far both sides. Is it a right time to join now? Absolutely - with the new 2.0 update you get a special Daily Mission bonuses all the way up to level 50. On top of that, L2Classic Club prepared a special Newbie Starting Pack for all new characters. Still not convinced? Make a "Just started playing on l2classic.club" status here on your maxcheaters profile and send a mail ingame to "KNOfortune to get a free 250k adena for start. (this offer is limited in case some psychopath decided to abuse it) Trully there has never been better time to join L2classic.club.