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  1. The experiences I've shared in my previous post are from the Innova... I have to disagree with you on that one, because playing on the 4game was by far the heaviest P2W I've ever experienced on any server. Because while on private servers you can spend ~50$ and you're good, on Innova it's normal that people spend 500$ and more and they're still nowhere close to top, but the worst thing that unlike on regular older chronicle private servers where you can just make a spoiler and buy everything you want if you farm hard, on the Grand Crusade it's physically impossible to get a good equip without spending money. They literally nerfed drops and adena in popular farming spots so people would be forced to spend money in the L2 shop. I know it's not Innova's fault because they're just taking the updates as they are but the claim that L2 europe is not pay2win is plain false.