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  1. Lately im struggling with a snoopi coded website designed by Strain! I have some errors on my website and my Castle Status is not working - i dont receive my vote coin at my player and i cant register a new account! I can log in with my existing account i can change password etc but still some feautures is not working on the account panel! Help please ! Im paying paypal x)
  2. I have a coded php site with acp pvp/pk/ castle status and more And i cant connect it to my server database, i wanna know if the coding is incorrect or if im doing something wrong! Paying paypal!
  3. WTS Java Services & Code templates

    Trusted guy,we are working on my Gracia Epilogue files together lately! Fast - Skilled - Unique
  4. As im finishing a big project after 4 years l2j epilogue im looking for a client editor to help me with some accesories stats / armor addapt / custom glows? skype: xmapatokarpouzi
  5. Hello Gfx Im looking to change little bit my league of legends stream and make it more beautiful can someone help me with new logos,banners,overlays for lol hud and more? paying paypal x add me skype: xmapatokarpouzi
  6. Hello guys im looking to open my epilogue server again and im searching for the best company for ddos protection and which dedi tou reccomend! Whats my pros and cons thanks!