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  1. write here your config gameserver, i want to check it
  2. [L2J] Legendary Eternal-Sin

    Server is BETA! join us and test our server!
  3. https://yadi.sk/d/MkFwnELUxTgMr or try this: https://zima240h.storage.yandex.net/rdisk/704a4ebde781e60816255ffa96325a525cd34592043c0ca71824f790fef7308b/5a05b80b/k_q3QiH2Pab2uhMsJLKUVpXvfZUGJqPhtCeJmx1E4Vskml0LF-lEWOEs3892abFx3dH-wSJXG2tToBT5XkCDBg==?uid=565403776&filename=C4_clean_sale.zip&disposition=attachment&hash=&limit=0&content_type=application%2Fzip&fsize=413431525&hid=755e00391a2f2c9116187e8dcb9db209&media_type=compressed&tknv=v2&etag=1b05efb8139cfbc261d3b39ebddcc603&rtoken=Dyb2Mj5kQ6iU&force_default=yes&ycrid=na-479fdf0f433c5169ab3f12df601c649f-downloader3h l2off c4. if you cant download it just create account and then download it,
  4. [L2J] Legendary Eternal-Sin

    15 Days left until grand opening,
  5. [L2OFF] L2Mid

    To many bad steps SkyLord. NPC loading 3 times and lag fixed soon 3times, already to many bugs found. guard dont working properly, I have already pk every new player with 1 hit. PS: i forget to say insane lag spikes.
  6. [L2OFF] L2Mid

  7. [L2OFF] L2Mid

    You compare faction server with low rate? omg lol fail. go away from interlude clients league of Line 2 legend player. open your browser. write l2tales.com and make refresh every 1 minutes, another upcoming server hi5 is coming from our fantastic Professional administrator Avoukatos.
  8. [L2J] Legendary Eternal-Sin

    ofcourse and yes, This is lineage 2 now like one game at league of legends. so this mean, Grand Opening 25 November 8 PM.
  9. [L2J] Legendary Eternal-Sin

    Really i dont care kid, simple, just delete the topic. Today, im leaving this forum. Online since 2006-2017 at scene at lineage 2 and mxc. reason: i dont like it anymore because full of kids here.
  10. [L2J] Legendary Eternal-Sin

    We have make facebook page eternal sin, if want just press like to follow us. thanks! https://www.facebook.com/Lineage-II-Eternal-Sin-1904277116501713/
  11. [L2J] Legendary Eternal-Sin

    thanks for our post, es-l2.org new one design means and new players. wants. ofcourse and old one ishere: es-l2.me.ht
  12. [L2J] Legendary Eternal-Sin

    Dear Eternal Sin Players, Our Website updated from our service @Reborn12 http://development.l2exteam.com/ www.es-l2.org
  13. [L2J] Legendary Eternal-Sin

    And now are you sure everything fixed russian boy? [ES-L2 Ultra] the power of lucera 3. https://media.giphy.com/media/QgixZj4y3TwnS/giphy.gif