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  1. WTS LIneage 2 Trailer Voice Actor [HQ]

    I'm not trying to convience, i just have deep voice and i though someone would interest to have a "Voice acting" in his/her trailer. I never wrong i'm british or anything be sure of that. And about the editing, obviously all sounds are edited especialy in trailers. So afcourse i've edited the audio in Adobe studio but this doesnt mean my voice is not bass enough or heavy. Thank you anyway
  2. WTS LIneage 2 Trailer Voice Actor [HQ]

    Ok thanks for your comment i appreciate but the problem is 1st who said i'm british or anything person and 2nd my voice by default is heavy you can talk to me via skype and confirm i don't need bass boosted. Also i didn't know that "greeks" or any other nation cannot do voice acting. Is just british thing?
  3. WTS Java Services & Code templates

    My clients who paid already can confirm my paypal ID: So anything you say is invalid so far. I'm not that person.
  4. MaKasTreRo Spam

    Oke sir
  5. MaKasTreRo Spam

    I aimed to be nice and ignore the 1st comment but he does continuously in all my topics and at other people. He write the word "scammer" without proofs and i don't even have him in my skype list. I never worked with this guy or talked and generally i never talk to any spanish person so far. Maxcheaters profil: MaKasTreRo Skype: (I dont know, i don't even have him)
  6. Hello Everyone, i'm offering High Quality Studio Voice acting for your trailers. No i'm not making trailers. You just give me your trailer tag-lines/titles and you receive a WAV or WMA audio. I've made an example video just below which you can hear: Price: 8 euro (For 1 minute max) 12e (For 2 minute max) Skype: gamepsychology94
  7. WTB Auto Teleport

    Add me on my skype: gamepsychology94
  8. WTS Java Services & Code templates

    As Mr SweetS said nicely it's a auto-mini global event. It's just random towns selected and dinos spawn (Using the routes.xml) to move into the center of town. Once they reach the last route they search for victims base on their knownlist. A question you could do now is for proper checks like, what if a player take the dinos out of town. That could be fixed in a easy way to check distance from zone and teleport dino back to town but i prefer let it like this cause in the end if nobody kill the dinos people wont take rewards.
  9. WTS Java Services & Code templates

    Added new mods check them out. Thank you both, i appreciate.
  10. Hello, you can add me on skype to talk together. My topic
  11. WTS Interlude Files Best For Pvp

    You didn't explain. You reacted, its different. Most of the "bad" words others tend to say, are masked reflections. Example a person that is unhappy or sad will release the same magnetic field as his feelings upon surroundings. It's pure biology and doesnt change even on the internet. Now is up to you to accept this energy and reflect it back. You can either send the same energy or be nice and try search good things out of it. SweeTs said his opinion for his own reasons. He might felt uncomfortable and he wanted to expose what he feels about this project. It's not a bad intention is just "exposing" inner feelings in his way. So learn to accept people and no get angry over random comments.
  12. WTS Interlude Files Best For Pvp

    Take a break sir. He said his opinion. Valid or non valid it remain an opinion. Yo've got so much aggression over a comment.
  13. [Report] Scammers

    I won't spend time to search posts but if u do check report section months ago u will see. U should make research first before u spend that much amount. Take it as an advice sir
  14. [Report] Scammers

    It's your problem that you didn't search for the buyer first. He already got reported several times for the same reason. And at all report topic suddedly he appear and say im sorry i am back.
  15. WTB Interlude No Custom files

    Hello, you won't find any files just shared/buggy sources. The best option is to coop with a developer and request some codes. It's the best option. It might be no cheaper but its secure that y'll get exactly the codes you want, you wont get scammed cause you wont have to pay all in once and you'll know that the codes you got are not shared in a russian/brazilian forum. If you want a coop let me know. Here's my topic