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  1. I was wondering is it possible to make a updater that re-writes files , not replaces. ( l2 )
  2. holy shit dude , its just i wish i new wat to do with all this text xD
  3. Basicaly wat i was wondering is it possible to remove several part of animations in animation ? Ive shown picture above 1 = i wanna keep it , 2 and 3 i want it to be removed , Halp !
  4. The mail box was full again , ive cleared it . Sory for the inconvenience. <3
  5. hmm , dont know . Mby server is blocking interfce.
  6. Hey , little about me, played this game for a long time , and during that process ive kept updating the patch to get max fps and visual advantage over the others. Ive already tryed most of the patches out there , but i think ive manged to gather one of most advanced pathes out there , with gaining max fps & having uptodate animations. Dunno, just felt like it to share in this forum in detail :good sir: Cheers ! Important tips: - Always have a clean Lineage2 installed and when u want to play just copy the original and paste. - That way u will always start fresh (more fps & less crit errors)! - When u start l2 press (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC-->Processes-->L2.exe right click-->Set Priority-->High)! - When playing l2 play on Full Screen! Patch v2.1 patch notes: Patch v2.5.1 patch notes : Patch v2.6.2 patch notes: NEW ! Im not the author of most of these files , if im breaking a rule , please inform me before locking/editing/deleting topic. Ty :*