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  1. Hi, I repeat answer to those, who PMed me as well: I didnt abandoned decompilation, just was on summer holiday, and going to publish new code on butbucket in a few weeks.
  2. Hi, After few months of work I've decompiled L2AuthD.exe (build 40504). I've tested it with patched C2 client and other C1 server parts. Original code (with minor fixes, all commented with // FIXED) can be found on bitbucket. Probably many of Extender writers have done this as well, but for those who haven't - take a look I have other fixes and other parts as well, they are not finished for now, therefore. PM me for details. I'm planning to port it to newest C++ to avoid as much OS API as possible, and then port to Linux. Any info/comments/shares are appreciated. 02.05.2017: support for MSVC2008 (branch "legacy") was added 07.06.2017: Reverse of L2LogD.exe is finished, working with code 10.06.2017: Filters added to the MSVS project 11.06.2017 Adjustments for SINA servers: c1_ext, c4_ext and c6_ext (tested on C1, C4 and IL clients). Thanks smeli for help 01.07.2017 Decompiled and built L2LogD.exe. Feel free to test it, report issues and get sources. 08.07.2017 L2LogD sources were published 08.07.2017 L2AuthD from devel branch is built into 3 binaries: for c1, c4 and c6 support. NOTE: there are no any CUSTOMS in legacy branch, except for obvious fixes. All of them are marked with comment // FIXED. All customs are going to separate branches. Working on CacheD.exe from C1 now, protocol 311 If someone wants try join me - you are welcome, I can share IDA file (be sure you have some reputation, though), and you can help. Just PM me. All contributors will have access to the source codes