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  1. Makes sense. I do remember him starting RCE. He is a smart guy, he will go far.
  2. I always thought your team "money agnostic" nice to be proven wrong *smile*
  3. What l2off devs mate? I can count maybe 10, and all but 2 or 3 have retired... Although I will says props to eressea for her open source extender. L2 needs more people like her. I know you did great things with L2JUnity, even if I still think Nos is a little bitch *grin*
  4. No, it is not. It has collectively lowered the bar for Lineage II -- to the point any moron can open a server. Having been around since the start (l2off) and breaking in 2012 to return now.. the sorry state of Lineage II as whole... one only need look as far as the million java servers existing today. Whatever L2J inspires? Perhaps great things like idiot server owners paying big clans to play on the server. Talk about inverted logic. L2J will never be, or replace L2off or extenders... just as the level of skill required to create an extender... C/C++ and solid Intel asm knowledge vs a language that every "comp sci" wanna be is taught. Mm, and oh - congrats on your reverse engineering. I did the same years ago of malware rootkit driver Rustock B & C. IDA -> C source, 100% working. I will commend you for that.
  5. I am looking to purchase a Shillien Elder or Elven Elder, or higher... Requirements: Female character Min level 78 Non idiotic name (see foot notes) No reputation and certainly no bad reputation! (if the whole server hates you, no thanks!) Must be on NA retail server (no 4game no Skelth) *Non idiotic name means: no references to genitals, race, historical figure or sectarian group, or 4chan style crap! If you have such a character that meets ALL of my above requirements.. please reply to or PM me via this forum. Thanks =)
  6. People still trying to bypass the 'free anticheat' I made in 2008ish? Not sure whether to laugh or cry =D
  7. Okay... I see now. Interesting, I will look at fix in my spare time
  8. whole client(v83, GF PTS): (p.s. chrome will throw idiotic bad page warning, ignore it); http://ivory-tower.de/Files/Clients/Lineage2_GraciaFinal.7z