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  1. As title says for more info ... ty
  2. [L2J] Playinera

    i am not a hater man....i love you all here....just telling the truth....dont bother yourself by this....sometimes telling the truth is hard and painfull...the hater even he knows the truth always will hate... anyway gl to your life :D :D regards :D

    remedy cries, DarkEmpire +++ cries more how much euros or ingame items did they give you to advertise them ???? thug life man....and the sun is rising... My best retardings :D :D
  4. [L2J] Playinera

    you must be joking ?? play on non donation server (MXC) which has donation.... QQ Every sad life going boy or kid or man has become MXCs server gm/admin/developer...QQ If you cant respect yourself, you can respect the others....QQ play the retard(s) server(s) you want and let us play here with max 400 ppl....better play with them rather play with 2333323 bots... Fake online MXC server??? DDos attack/server down and website 456 ppl on....rly???i must google the meaning of DDos :D :D...GHOSTS caspers :D :D Joining the server today :D...My best wishes to PlayInera Team Haters gonna hate and lovers gonna love My best regards :D :D

    kid serious go and google the DDos attack how is working and then post again....server is down BUT still 456 ppl on :D :D :D :D...cmon super server!!! how do you do this ??? top 1 h5 server around??? it seems that you have never played L2 ok gl and keeping playing pacman in maxcheaters servers... pay more and make them more rich.... DONATE FTW !!!!! Best reg(T)ards :D :D
  6. [L2J]Mythras

    Explain me this....why you put donation from the monent you love this game ??? Just be honest for 1 time on your harmful life... Best reg(T)ards

    yeap sure ..... when downtime due to DDos attacks online players 456 (they dont even think to change the fake online during the maintenance) .... max 250-300 real ppl + (250 - 300) x (2-4 bots) + 50 shops (if true) = 650 - 1250 online TOTAL wake up... server is dead and you dont know that yet..
  8. [L2J] L2 Warpgate 2.1

    Due to hard work, you deserve at least a try ..... keep the good job +1 from me ---> joining with my cp when server is live
  9. [L2J] L2 Stars

    fix the cost of the premium account or no1 will have it.... you are more expensive even from official Eu man ----> Premium Account for Official Eu L2Stars PA ----> L2Stars Premium Account For Gods shake dont be so greedy....
  10. Hi all... i want to sell 2 accounts at L2 Eu Core Innova ...or trade for equal items - character on L2 Eu Classic (Skelth) preferable to Duelist/Titan + PP 1rst account is main Aeore Cardinal 85 with dual class Iss Hierophant 89...armor/weapon low R grade from npc... 2nd account is main Wynn Elemental Master 95 lvl with dual class Aeore Healer 86 +....the char has Blessed R95 light set +8 Enhance Type Full Element / +10 Blessed R95 retributer (weapon) / Blessed Zaken +6 / Ant Queen Soul Ring +6 / Istina's Earing +3 / Soul Tezza Necklace +4 / Cloaks Freya-Zaken / Istina's shirt / Paulinas common ring.... plus ~130kk adena + head accessory with P.def/P.attack Iam in NF clan ( Naked Force) leadering Mravec PS --> The Armor has Dark assassins suit appearance and weapon has Emerald weapon appearance... For price and more info pm Here... Security for trade/sell we can use Regards :D :D :D
  11. L2Maxcheaters

    its was its x15euros h5 and ppl who play h5 are or kids (16-)...h5 is dead and L2 is dead even on official....wake up ppl Double post warning....soz
  12. L2Maxcheaters

    are you blind or what??? read carefully what i wrote
  13. L2Maxcheaters

    sooooooo true....close the freaking server and go for coffee....Ooo i needs money so keep alive the server!!!! If you want my opinion dont make anymore servers and just let ppl show proofs...Ooo i dont want proofs to be published thats why my posts have been deleted and my account has been locked 3 times for 30 min..... It was, it is and it will ALWAYS be all about money :D :D Best Reg(t)ards :D :D :D
  14. [L2J] L2 Stars

    +1 every retard server is copy from another....
  15. [L2J] Chronos

    active fail ...