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  1. aVVe has dissapeared with money

    Ave is now online on skype but still not replying.
  2. [L2OFF] L2Mid

    Aha, L2Mid x75 opening at 2018, I guess as soon as possible :D Some people are dumb. They come, donate, then becomes angry because of admin incompetency, leaves. After 3 months they forget everything and wait for next G.O. of cashgrab servidor :)
  3. [L2J] Lineage2dusk

    Glad to see mods finally changed thread to L2j :)
  4. Discussion L2Mid SkyLord GM exposed

    A words of professional, long-lasting Lineage2 server administrator.
  5. [L2J] Lineage2dusk

    I JUST DID :D And I am telling EVERYONE that you are a fat LIAR :D If you are not lying - lets us know for sure that you use L2OFF. Post a screenshot of //who and //ping ingame :)
  6. [L2J] Lineage2dusk

    Prove to everyone that things I wrote there is not true. If you prove your server is L2OFF, I will leave this forum for good. Let's begin :D I myself work with L2off so I know how it looks and what to expect from it. You just better say the truth. Even your .online command output is like in L2j :D
  7. [L2OFF] L2Mid

    If players comes and comes and comes after 5 years of constant disasters here, I guess it's profitable then :D In fact lots of admins are doing that.
  8. [L2J] Lineage2dusk

    Literally laughed my ass off. If you are "high class" programmer, why do you lie about server platform? It's L2j obviously... By not even logging in I can already tell... Special Click Shift option on monsters -> show monsters stats -> show monsters droplist (icon/item name/chance/amount) Even more... autoreg? :D Yes it is possible to make it, but it would take looooooots of time and it's extender level stuff. Then, I connected to your server... to doublecheck if it's really L2j... and guess what? :) Newbie tutorial quest is working like on every Java (no delays between player actions), you can sit and talk with NPCs... Do you need more proofs? :> Mods, please finally change this thread name not to mistake community anymore.
  9. aVVe has dissapeared with money

    I had few deals with him before and it was shocking for me to see him acting like that. He is talented for sure, but either he needs more respect for his customers and their time or better managing of his time.
  10. aVVe has dissapeared with money

    Hi there Money paid, deadlines decided, aVVe disappeared :D Didn't expected that from him. Luckily I only payed 80 EUR to him this time. I am now disputing this order. We made a deal to create a new logo with a deadline to November 1. Last message received from him was at October 29. Either refund my money aVVe or finish your job.
  11. [ A V E ] Epic Logo

    I think that's the only thing left to do for now.
  12. [ A V E ] Epic Logo

    Can't see a problem to at least reply to my messages. Deadline is already happened...
  13. [ A V E ] Epic Logo

    Avve is missing for ~2 weeks now with my money.
  14. How To Make A Million With Bitcoins

    I can quadriple your bitcoins; just send me all you have (minimum 20,000EUR) and wait