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    Account manager launched
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  3. Free, open and private Lineage2 The Chaotic Throne: High Five PTS server Almost every single element of gameplay works flawlessly, there are no missing features Retail implementation of classes, skills, game mechanics, quests, bosses, AI and lots more Increased gameplay speed (check server details) Safe, non-infusive donations accepted from everywhere in the world (we accept only BTC) Rates: » Experience (EXP) - 10x.» Spell Point (SP) - 10x.» Adena - 8x.» Drop/Spoil - 5x.» Boss - 5x. » Quest - 5x. Additions and modifications: » Automatic items pickup (autoloot).» Autolearn skills (excl. Divine Inspiration, fishing, common, craft) up to level 76» Offline shops system.» Buff selling possibility» Class changer for 1st and 2nd occupation - free.» Improvements and modifications of game client.» Buffer accessible via ALT+B » Lots of other small touches you will notice :) Enchanting/Augmenting: » Safe enchant - +3 (+4 only for full-body armour).» Enchant limit - +25.» Enchant chance - Retail (~66.7% at +4).» Attribute enchanting - Retail-like.» Augmentation - Retail-like. Server hardware: » 2x Intel Xeon E5620, 32GB DDR3 ECC, Samsung 950 Pro SSD, Intel 82567LM-2 + 1Gbit international optics, UPS, Windows Server 2008 x64 - game server, database and related operations.» Intel Xeon E3-1225, 8GB DDR3 ECC, WD RE SAS 2 TB, 1Gbit international optics, UPS, Debian x64 - web services, login server. The World is an irrational battlefield where creatures wage a war against itself. Our reality endures it's most desperate times, but on the edge of extinction, an opposite force arises . In light of the ultimate battle, thousands of swords will rattle. In the end, will you find yourself fighting for your homestead? Planned ROD x10 launch - October 10, 2017