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  1. [L2J] L2 Darkbyte

    Changes: New droprates on farm zones (easier to farm coins) Added new zones Added 2 mini bosses DarkCoins are now tradable Ivory Tower GK Sell button on DarkShop Raid Bosses have less HP now and more drops More changes coming soon.. New clans & players gifts: Clan transfer from other server: Clan lvl 11, 1 Billion Adena (all clan), 1 Gold DarkCoin (each clan member), Darkario's Item 24Hours (each clan member) Solo players: 1 Gold DarkCoin, Darkario's Item 24Hours
  2. [L2J] L2 Darkbyte

    Lineage II : DarkByte Currency: Adena Copper DarkCoin Silver DarkCoin Gold DarkCoin Platinum DarkCoin Rates: EXP/SP: x20 Weekend EXP/SP: x40 Party multiplier: x2 Adena: x20 Safe/Max Weapon Enchant: +3/+20 Safe/Max Armor Enchant: +3/+10 Olympiad Max Enchant: +7 Retail Scrolls chance: 66% Retail (Except Blessed weapon 70%) Master Scrolls chance (custom): 100% (drops only from Grand Boss Lilith) Spoil: x20 Manor: x20 Drop Items: x1 Quest rates: x1 Subclass: 3 No subclass quest Subclass max level: 85 Buff Duration: 3h Buff Slots: 20/12 (Retail) Features: Olympiad: Retail (1 Month) Olympiad time: 12:00 - 00:00 (EEST) Siege: 16:00, 20:00 (Retail) Global GK Darkario GK Scheme buffer GM Shop Dark Shop Noblesse Manager PvP - PK Manager Augment Manager Ware-House Manager Symbol Maker Wedding System Auto loot on Auto learn skills on Vitality system off Delevel off Custom Items Goddess of destruction equipment Custom Raid Boss Custom Zones Retail and custom PvP Zones Darkario Island Goddess of destruction equipment: Respawn: All monsters respawn after 30 sec. Monsters on farm zones respawn after 10 sec. All Grand Boss respawn after 1 hour. Gameplay: In the start you need to level up inside our exp zones until you get 85lvl. It will take maximum 2 hours and minimum 30 minutes (you get boosted rates from custom exp zones), based if you are on a party and if it's weekend (you get double exp/sp). With adena you can get equipment from No Grade to S Grade. So in order to get Dynasty - Freya - Goddess of Destruction equipment you need to farm DarkCoins inside our farm zones. In the mid time you can PvP inside custom or retail zones. Top 3 pvp players will earn DarkCoins at the end of the month and then the pvp points will be reset. Mystery Chests (Mystery Egg): There are hidden chests with a little chance to drop Silver DarkCoins to help you collect them faster. Grand Bosses: Aenkinel: Drops all kind of jewels from Ant Queen to Freya. All grand boss jewels have different droprate from very low to medium. Andreas: Andreas drops Silver DarkCoins. Very high droprate. He also drops Darkario Pass. Very low droprate almost imposible, like to get the lottery. Lilith: Lilith drops Silver DarkCoins. Very high droprate. She also drops Master Scroll: Enchant Weapon & Armor (S). Midium droprate. Mikleo: He lives inside Darkario. You need Darkario Pass to get to him. He drops Silver DarkCoins and Darkario Boss Pass. Very high droprate on Silver DarkCoins. Low droprate on Darkario Boss Pass, a bit higher than Andreas (Darkario Pass). Thaddius, The Marksman and Ryze: (Group battle) They live inside Darkario. You need Darkario Boss Pass to get to them. They drop Gold DarkCoins. Very high droprate. Thaddius also drop Mega SP Scroll. Medium droprate. Darkario: Darkario is Ancient City Arcan from Grand Crusade. To explore this beautiful place you need Darkario Pass. Inside the casual monsters and Mikleo drop Silver DarkCoins. Thaddius, The Marksman and Ryze drop Gold DarkCoins! We are waiting for you, join us today! New players & clans will get awards! Website Facebook Page Discord