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  1. [L2J]L2Xeon - 2.0

    Announcing 2 servers in the same month, you must know what you're doing :)
  2. Stack order and stack type have to be the same if you want those Vortexes to override each other
  3. You can have your doubts and I am not here to convince you, I am just writing about what experience i had with lucera and other platforms, and the difference is just tremendous. About the source, it depends what your goals are, if you want to do a lot of custom stuff, like Eola for example then yes, a source is a must have, but if you want very little to no custom with couple of events, then Lucera is the way.
  4. I dont know about other ru projects, but what you get with Lucera is the best offer there is on the market. They dont sell the source, but for the price of 120$ you get the whole pack with events and achievement system(which is in baby stage), support is 20$ per month and you can order custom stuff, which will be done in some time, depending on the complexity. Configs exist in English version as well. Bottom line is that the pack is trusted and stable, close as retail as you can get when it comes to java platform.
  5. How can you say only? Russian market is the biggest one for L2 and thousands of players have been playing on Lucera without any noticeable issues, which you cannot say for other projects.
  6. Why is nobody mentioning Lucera? The project is used by multiple ru servers for years, and has close to 0 bugs unlike all those other projects mentioned above.
  7. [L2OFF] L2Classic 2.0

    Yes, I have mistaken on that part, but the rest of the statement still stands.
  8. [L2OFF] L2Classic 2.0

    Because we all know that all OFF servers have auto create accounts, haha
  9. [L2OFF] L2Classic 2.0

    Yes, my grandmother can also say that her server is based on pts source, where if the proof? Also why are you using footage from other server to promote your own?
  10. [L2OFF] L2Classic 2.0

    You opened 3 classic servers in last 2 months, each time different rate. And why are you using videos from Russian official server to promote your server? btw any moderator please change prefix to L2J, they are not using off files
  11. [L2J] L2iFeel

    I support Celestine 100%, good luck mate