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  1. If you need one server and literally no support (nothing against French and/or Arabs but average Ahmed really doesn't know much of technical jargon and sometimes it takes few days until your ticket about server disconnected from network by faulty switch gets resolved), OVH is good choice. If you need something better/bigger, use some more professional service. EDIT: If you need servers in Europe, you may want to try (I'm not affiliated in any way with them, just good prices and everything works + they use RadWare which is enough for primary server - you may combine it with proxies and/or cloudflare/similar service ofc)
  2. Yes, being closed source is just security by obscurity which is in fact no security at all. Unfortunately you need to supply player with something that is able to work with your server so you have to give them everything they need to make bot. Then, security by obscurity is the only chance to make it bit worse for bot developers but unless you're low target, they'll always be able to adapt quickly. It's really just playing catch as Sdw wrote.
  3. [L2Off] L2Guns

    Good luck then :)
  4. Running random shit in ring 0 is equal to playing russian roulette
  5. [L2Off] L2Guns

    Ah, so you specialize in scripts/ai dev?
  6. [L2Off] L2Guns

    Show some (extender) code example pls ;)