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  1. honestly enjoyed the content for interlude but I do not like this service he's offered i bought the package where i can get up to multiple clients so im changing my client from interlude to GF and he doesnt respond back to me on skype really regretting this purchase with the service he offers.
  2. So I haven't played H5 server in quite some time, so i was curious to know which class would be better for PvP both solo and party. I've played a PK for over 10 years but I'm willing to try something knew because I wanan play a tank class with some damage but idk which one is better for pvp in H5 server so which do you guys think is better for PvP?
  3. l2e-global

    anyone know if the bot will work for e global gracia final server?
  4. Just purchased this, love the interface! everything is well and organized and its so much smoother than any other interface out there seriously! those auto pots help out so much! defiantly worth every penny!