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  2. I will finish this tool soon , i were forced to create a GUI since it have many modes to work , for example can create all rate parameters on default npc , or create a set of rate parameters inside each affected AI class . It can be executed more than one time with different config , and then merge all results on target AI file , or just create new AI file from 0.
  3. Hello many of us have a L2 project with custom rates , currently we count with tools to increase exp , drop , quest reward ,but not for quest item drop rate itself this means more than the 60% of quest are unusefull for players because in fact the chance to get quest item is X1 but rest of rates can be increased so player will get level and items by farming before he could end quest So im creating a tool that parshe AI and increase quest item drop chance . Features: Can change drop rates of all quest or specified ones. You can see a list with current quest and their drop items rates. Edit when you want any drop item chance or reset to its original state