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    Hello mates, Since all my previous posts was for H5 Chronicle so i think i’ll start post some content for Interlude Chronicle, so here is my first Interlude guide, but after all Java is Java, no matter Interlude, H5, … etc all are just Java files The Server Pack i’m gonna use in this guide will be ( aCis Rev.360 [Free Version] ), and for the IDE will use NetBeans, of course you can use Eclipse it’s just personal preferences. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Requirements : – I expect that you have aCis Source Pack Installed on your computer or server – We won’t go through the process of installing and starting server, since there are a lot of good guides about this here. – You need a Java IDE (Eclipse, Netbeans, IntelliJ or any else) i’ll use NetBeans but you can use Any. – Stay Relaxed, No Stress, Coding is just Entertaining. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- – How things happen in Game ? Well In Lineage 2 Every thing has two sides (Client and Server), whatever you do in Client (Game) it will automatically send a request to server, then server analyze this request, start processing it and response with a response . That data the fly between Client and Server called Packets , This Packets can be a Request Packet or Response Packet, and each Packet has special code or identifier, if you click here you will find the main Packets for Interlude. For Example : You Click on Community or ALT+B, your game client will send a packet to server called RequestShowboardwith code 57, this is sent from Client to Server, so it’s ClientPacket. So if we want to do any special thing when Player try to show the community board we need to find this packet code which since it’s a ClientPacket then it will be in that package : net.sf.l2j.gameserver.network.clientpackets When Server Analyze that request and see things like if it’s enabled … etc it will reply with another Packet which is ShowBoard with code 6E (if board enabled ofc), and this is sent from Server to Client, so it’s a ServerPacket, and since it’s a ServerPacket so we can find it in that package : net.sf.l2j.gameserver.network.serverpackets , and we can expect that this class or java file will be responsible for what will be shown on the board. By now we know how to find where magic happens, but what about more power ? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is Bypass and how it works ? Whenever you click on a button or a link for an NPC or even in Community Board this buttons and links meant to do something when a player click on it, but how it happens ? and how server knows which button player clicked and what should happen after that ? Well if you try to show the code of any l2j html file that contain a link or a button, for example i’ll view source code of aCis main buffer by @Tryskell, which located in gamserver/data/html/mods/buffer/50008.htm <html><body> <center><img src="L2UI_CH3.herotower_deco" width=256 height=32 /></center><br> Hello stranger!<br> I'm Tryskell. Yup, you're right, I created an avatar of myself and decided to share some of my powerful buffs in order to improve your pew-pew-bum-zap abilities.<br> What can I do for you ? Do you want to hear <font color="LEVEL"><a action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_Chat 9">my story</a></font> ?<br> <center> <a action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_support player">Magic support</a><br> <a action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_manageschemes">Manage my schemes</a><br1> <a action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_editschemes none none">Edit my schemes</a><br> <a action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_heal">Heal me and my pet</a><br1> <a action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_cleanup">Cleanup all effects on me and my pet</a> </center> </body></html> Here you can see the attribute action contains something like : let’s split this action in parts and see what every part do : bypass : tells your client to send a packet RequestBypassToServer with OP Code 0x21 (0x identify a hex decimal > a numeric base 16 value ) -h : tells your client to hide the window on click event npc_%objectId%_Chat 9 : is the command that will be bypassed to server So if we wanna make a bypass to server we just wanna set the action of the link (<a>) or button to something like : “bypass -h command” or just “bypass command” But actually we still dunno what commands already available or if we can create a new custom ….. ----------------------------------------------------------- Track the Bypass down : I can just give you a list of possible bypass commands but i hate limitations, so i’ll give you a quick guide about how to find them and learn about what they do all on your own and then will give you some examples, also this will help you work with almost any pack or chronicle, so let’s see how it works. First packets sent to server will be sent to a class called L2GamePacketHandler.java, which in aCis it’s located at : net.sf.l2j.gameserver.network , and then this class will redirect that packet to the proper Handler or class depending on the received packet OPCode, and since we know that RequestBypassToServer have the OPCode of 0x21 so what about search about this in that Java File : As we can see it call a class called RequestBypassToServer, if we click on this class name : For Netbeans : Right Click > Navigate > Declaration (or CTRL+B) For Eclipse : Right Click > Go To > Declaration It will open that file we will find a part of the code like this (i removed some part just to be easier to read) : if (_command.startsWith("admin_")) { .... } else if (_command.startsWith("player_help ")) { .... } else if (_command.startsWith("npc_")) { .... } else if (_command.startsWith("manor_menu_select?")) { .... } else if (_command.startsWith("bbs_") || _command.startsWith("_bbs") || _command.startsWith("_friend") || _command.startsWith("_mail") || _command.startsWith("_block")) { .... } else if (_command.startsWith("Quest ")) { .... } else if (_command.startsWith("_match")) { .... } else if (_command.startsWith("_diary")) { .... } else if (_command.startsWith("arenachange")) { .... } So as we can see the current supported bypasses are commands that started with : Of course you can add another main custom command by adding another “else if” statement or even create a bypass handler or replace this one with an extended one. Why we don’t go further and inspect how this npc_ thing work ….. here the code of that section : else if (_command.startsWith("npc_")) { if (!activeChar.validateBypass(_command)) return; int endOfId = _command.indexOf('_', 5); String id; if (endOfId > 0) id = _command.substring(4, endOfId); else id = _command.substring(4); try { final L2Object object = L2World.getInstance().getObject(Integer.parseInt(id)); if (object != null && object instanceof L2Npc && endOfId > 0 && ((L2Npc) object).canInteract(activeChar)) ((L2Npc) object).onBypassFeedback(activeChar, _command.substring(endOfId + 1)); activeChar.sendPacket(ActionFailed.STATIC_PACKET); } catch (NumberFormatException nfe) { } } The first part can be lil confusing if you’re not very familiar with java, so lemme explain it to you . That part looking for a number that comes after npc_ that followed by an “_” for example : npc_123456 , and before we saw that command npc_%objectId%_Chat 9 , so here we expect that %objectId% is a number and yes it is since server will automatically replace %objectId% with a unique numeric identifier for the NPC you’re talking to, and it’s not the id you use to spawn it, since you may spawn that npc multiple times so server needs to identify each one of them. So for now we know that command is used like this : Later in this code we will find that part : final L2Object object = L2World.getInstance().getObject(Integer.parseInt(id)); if (object != null && object instanceof L2Npc && endOfId > 0 && ((L2Npc) object).canInteract(activeChar)) ((L2Npc) object).onBypassFeedback(activeChar, _command.substring(endOfId + 1)); activeChar.sendPacket(ActionFailed.STATIC_PACKET); Also let me explain this for you, this code will search the L2World for something with that unique identifier and if found it will use it as L2Npc object and call the method onBypassFeedback to process the command in our case the command will be Chat 9. So Lets Go to declaration of that L2Npc class (as we learned how before), and lets see what this onBypassFeedback do we will find something like this : if (command.equalsIgnoreCase("TerritoryStatus")) { .... } else if (command.startsWith("Quest")) { .... } else if (command.startsWith("Chat")) { .... } else if (command.startsWith("Link")) { .... } else if (command.startsWith("Loto")) { .... } else if (command.startsWith("CPRecovery")) { .... } else if (command.startsWith("SupportMagic")) { .... } else if (command.startsWith("multisell")) { .... } else if (command.startsWith("exc_multisell")) { .... } else if (command.startsWith("Augment")) { .... } else if (command.startsWith("EnterRift")) { .... } else if (command.startsWith("ChangeRiftRoom")) { .... } else if (command.startsWith("ExitRift")) { .... } As we can see we can now expect that we can use npc_ commands as follow : But in the previous example there were number 9 in the end as npc_%objectId%_Chat 9, what this would mean ? well here is the code of Chat command : else if (command.startsWith("Chat")) { int val = 0; try { val = Integer.parseInt(command.substring(5)); } catch (IndexOutOfBoundsException ioobe) {} catch (NumberFormatException nfe) {} showChatWindow(player, val); } As we can see here it will look for that number (9 in our case) and pass it to a method called showChatWindow , which will look for an htm file with same npc id ended with -9 for example this npc id is 50008 so it will looks for 50008-9.htm , and yes it’s right : Now we know how to track things down but one thing left, which is what if you found an bypass in an npc which you cannot find in L2Npc Class, well some npc don’t directly based on L2Npc type but sometimes it’s based on something else that based on L2Npc, for example this NPC in our example has a bypass like : this “heal” command not exist but if we go to our npcs folder in path of gameserver/data/xml/npcs , and we opened the file 50000-50099.xml since our npc id is 50008 and look into that npc definition you will find this : As you can see it’s based on L2Buffer, not L2Npc directly, so we can expect that this class called L2Buffer will contain a method called onBypassFeedback and it will contain an implementation for this “heal” command, but wait a second … you’ll never find a class called L2Buffer, simply because in aCis Packs L2Buffer will redirect to a class called L2BufferInstance and L2BlaBla will redirect to L2BlaBlaInstance, it’s just how aCis simplify things, so just keep that in mind we looking for L2BufferInstance … If we go to that class which is located in the package of : net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.actor.instance (btw this package contains a lot of interesting stuff) we will find that part inside the onBypassFeedback method : Yay , it’s here, so if we want to use this command on another npc we have 3 options : – Add this code to the main RequestBypassToServer – Set the NPC type to L2Buffer – Create a new NPC instance and implement this on it Or we can even add it to community board :D ------------------------------------------------------------------- Do you learned something from this guide ? Personally i don’t learn any thing without getting my hands into it in real action, so why not create something real, like a multi function npc and as a bonus we will create a new NPC type as well, also we can work a bit with Community Board . . . let’s go friends ------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.1 : Create a new NPC Type : Let’s Create a new Class in the package net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.actor.instance, and i’ll call it L2MultiFunctionInstance (Name it whatever u want but don’t forget suffix it with Instance) , Just right click on the package and New > Java Class : Now i’ll make it extends the L2NpcInstance or you can use L2Npc class only, but L2NpcInstance has cool implementation so i’ll go for it, and now Server will know it’s an NPC, but you may want for example extends L2BufferInstance to take benefit of Buffer commands or anything else that considered as NPC, but i’ll go pure in this guide , and to simplify thing and to not go off topic i’ll create a simple class code for you which you can use it and i’ll highlight the important parts : //TODO: Add your Custom Bypasses Here At this place we can add our custom bypass commands “data/html/custom/multifunction/” this is where our .htm files will be located for npcs with this type ------------------------------------------------------------- 1.1 Create the Actual NPC So First let’s create our NPC, i’ll add it Below Tryskell NPC so it will be in file 50000-50099.xml : <npc id="50009" idTemplate="31324" name="Relina" title="Multifunction NPC"> <set name="level" val="70"/> <set name="radius" val="8"/> <set name="height" val="23"/> <set name="rHand" val="316"/> <set name="lHand" val="0"/> <set name="type" val="L2MultiFunction"/> <set name="exp" val="0"/> <set name="sp" val="0"/> <set name="hp" val="2444.46819"/> <set name="mp" val="1345.8"/> <set name="hpRegen" val="7.5"/> <set name="mpRegen" val="2.7"/> <set name="pAtk" val="688.86373"/> <set name="pDef" val="295.91597"/> <set name="mAtk" val="470.40463"/> <set name="mDef" val="216.53847"/> <set name="crit" val="4"/> <set name="atkSpd" val="253"/> <set name="str" val="40"/> <set name="int" val="21"/> <set name="dex" val="30"/> <set name="wit" val="20"/> <set name="con" val="43"/> <set name="men" val="20"/> <set name="corpseTime" val="7"/> <set name="walkSpd" val="50"/> <set name="runSpd" val="120"/> <set name="dropHerbGroup" val="0"/> <ai type="DEFAULT" ssCount="0" ssRate="0" spsCount="0" spsRate="0" aggro="0" canMove="true" seedable="false"/> <skills> <skill id="4045" level="1"/> <skill id="4416" level="16"/> </skills> </npc> Note that it has id of 50009 and type of L2MultiFunction (without Instance) ------------------------------------------------------------ 1.2 Create the html files Now the html part, we gonna create a folder called custom inside html folder and inside it will create multifunction folder which it’s where we gonna have our html files, First we need the main htm which will be on our created folder with name 50009.htm : <html> <body> <br> <center> <img src="L2UI_CH3.herotower_deco" width=256 height=32 /> <font color="D5C003">Hello Player</font><br> <font color="DDDEC0">I'm the Multi Function NPC with Awesome Customs</font><br> <button value="Open Another Chat" action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_Chat 1" width=150 height=22 back="TutorialBut.fortut" fore="TutorialBut.fortut"> <button value="Show a Multi Sell" action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_multisell 50009" width=150 height=22 back="TutorialBut.fortut" fore="TutorialBut.fortut"> <button value="Multisell [Inv.Maintain]" action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_exc_multisell 50009" width=150 height=22 back="TutorialBut.fortut" fore="TutorialBut.fortut"> <button value="Community Board" action="bypass _bbshome" width=150 height=22 back="TutorialBut.fortut" fore="TutorialBut.fortut"> <button value="Acumen Buff - No Close" action="bypass npc_%objectId%_giveAcumen" width=150 height=22 back="TutorialBut.fortut" fore="TutorialBut.fortut"> <button value="Teleport To Giran" action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_gotogiran" width=150 height=22 back="TutorialBut.fortut" fore="TutorialBut.fortut"> <button value="Augment" action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_Augment 1" width=150 height=22 back="TutorialBut.fortut" fore="TutorialBut.fortut"> <button value="Warehouse" action="bypass npc_%objectId%_warehouse_deposit" width=150 height=22 back="TutorialBut.fortut" fore="TutorialBut.fortut"> <img src="L2UI_CH3.herotower_deco" width=256 height=32 /> </center> </body> </html> Thanks to @Sinister Smile for the buttons, and to make it work, you need to have this file > Download Also we will need another htm file for testing which will be named 50009-1.htm : <html> <body> <br> <center> <img src="L2UI_CH3.herotower_deco" width=256 height=32 /><br > <font color="D5C003">Hello Once Again</font><br> <font color="DDDEC0">This is another Chat of me</font><br> <button value="Back to Main" action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_Chat 0" width=150 height=22 back="TutorialBut.fortut" fore="TutorialBut.fortut"> <img src="L2UI_CH3.herotower_deco" width=256 height=32 /> </center> </body> </html> ----------------------------------------------------------------- 1.3 Create the Multisell File I’ll Create a multisell file with name 50009.xml in multisell folder : <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?> <list maintainEnchantment="true"> <item> <production id="6608" count="1"/> <ingredient id="6579" count="1" /> </item> <item> <production id="5643" count="1" /> <ingredient id="151" count="1"/> </item> </list> --------------------------------------------------------------- 1.4 Start Server (If not Yet) and let’s Test Each one Open Another Chat : Action : bypass -h npc_%objectId%_Chat 1 This will Open the htm file called 50009-1.htm Show Multi Sell : Action : bypass -h npc_%objectId%_multisell 50009 This will Show a Multisell with id of 50009, and will show all items even items player can’t buy Multi Sell [Inv.Maintain] : Action : bypass -h npc_%objectId%_exc_multisell 50009 This will Show a Multisell with id of 50009, and will show only items player can buy (have the required items for it) Community Board : Action : bypass _bbshome Will Show Community Board if enabled, you can also use : Augment : Action : bypass -h npc_%objectId%_Augment 1 Will Show Augment Panel, also you can use bypass -h npc_%objectId%_Augment 2, to show Remove Augment Panel ----------------------------------------------------------- 1.5 Implement Missed Bypasses : So Now we need to add our custom bypasses to the NPC Type which are : giveAcument, gotogiran, warehouse_deposit Let’s get back to Java and inside onBypassFeedback in the Class we just created we will add this : if(command.equalsIgnoreCase("giveAcumen")) { SkillTable.getInstance().getInfo(1085, SkillTable.getInstance().getMaxLevel(1085)).getEffects(player, player); } else if(command.equalsIgnoreCase("gotogiran")) { player.teleToLocation(82698,148638,-3473,0); } else if(command.equalsIgnoreCase("warehouse_deposit")) { player.sendPacket(ActionFailed.STATIC_PACKET); player.setActiveWarehouse(player.getWarehouse()); player.tempInventoryDisable(); player.sendPacket(new WarehouseDepositList(player, WarehouseDepositList.PRIVATE)); } else { super.onBypassFeedback(player, command); } ------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.6 Let’s Test this When we test this everything will be find except one thing, which is Warehouse, it will show deposit window, but when you confirm, it will not move items to warehouse, since in client packet of SendWareHouseDepositList it will check if the last npc was a Warehouse and our npc is not warehouse : And to Fix this it simple, just we can add another method to our custom NPC class which will make it pretend as being warehouse : @Override public boolean isWarehouse() { return true; } So we end up with this code : package net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.actor.instance; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.cache.HtmCache; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.datatables.SkillTable; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.actor.template.NpcTemplate; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.network.serverpackets.ActionFailed; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.network.serverpackets.WarehouseDepositList; /** * Multi Function NPC Instance * * Made for MxC Bypasses Guide * * @author Sam Dev */ public class L2MultiFunctionInstance extends L2NpcInstance { public L2MultiFunctionInstance(int objectId, NpcTemplate template) { super(objectId, template); } @Override public void onBypassFeedback(L2PcInstance player, String command) { if(command.equalsIgnoreCase("giveAcumen")) { SkillTable.getInstance().getInfo(1085, SkillTable.getInstance().getMaxLevel(1085)).getEffects(player, player); } else if(command.equalsIgnoreCase("gotogiran")) { player.teleToLocation(82698,148638,-3473,0); } else if(command.equalsIgnoreCase("warehouse_deposit")) { player.sendPacket(ActionFailed.STATIC_PACKET); player.setActiveWarehouse(player.getWarehouse()); player.tempInventoryDisable(); player.sendPacket(new WarehouseDepositList(player, WarehouseDepositList.PRIVATE)); } else { super.onBypassFeedback(player, command); } } @Override public boolean isWarehouse() { return true; } @Override public String getHtmlPath(int npcId, int val) { String filename = "data/html/custom/multifunction/" + npcId + ((val == 0) ? "" : "-"+ val ) + ".htm"; return (HtmCache.getInstance().isLoadable(filename)) ? filename : "data/html/npcdefault.htm"; } } By Now we have our Multi Function NPC, But Guess what .... we have a Bonus in this Guide . ----------------------------------------------------------------- 2.0 The Bonus : How to Open a Multisell in Community Board Well i’m sure it’s easy for you now, all we need to do is to add another command to CommunityBoard since we can’t use npc_%objectId% stuff here ----------------------------------------------------------------- 2.1 Add the Command to the CommunityBoard.java You can find it in the package : net.sf.l2j.gameserver.communitybbs , Then we gonna add this code after the _bbshome code else if(command.startsWith("_bbsmultisell")) {MultisellData.getInstance().separateAndSend(command.substring(13).trim(), activeChar, null, false);} To look like : ----------------------------------------------------- 2.1 Add the Mutlisell Button to the Community Board Home Go to : data/html/CommunityBoard/top/Index.htm, and add this code any where you like it to appear : <br> <center> <button value="Multisell In Community" action="bypass _bbsmultisell 50009" width=150 height=22 back="TutorialBut.fortut" fore="TutorialBut.fortut"> </center> ------------------------------------------------------- 2.2 Now Build your Server Core and Restart Server to Test Now Guess What ?? it’s Working and we have Multisell in Community Board At the End i hope you learned something new, and i wish it’s useful to anyone Thanks and Regards
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    Hello members, Since this section is rly dead and i always like to share things here is another one.. How is this working? First of all you have to create your personal l2 page in facebook. After that search in facebook settings to change the url-name of your page to www.facebook.com/L2Tests and not www.facebook.com/HAW#$A#@ Create your personal Access Token here It will be generated as short-lived token (means that it will expire in about an hour). change it to long-lived here (means that it will expire after 2 months ,maybe more) Download facebook api restfb-1.46.0 Add it in your sources (i will not provide how to...) Implement the code i'm giving Source / Files Source Code Htmls/Database Config Dont forget to add the new admin commands in adminCommands.xml <aCar name="admin_fbreload" accessLevel="7"/> <aCar name="admin_facebook" accessLevel="7"/> <aCar name="admin_showPosts" accessLevel="7"/> <aCar name="admin_delPost" accessLevel="7"/> <aCar name="admin_addPost" accessLevel="7"/> <aCar name="admin_turnFb" accessLevel="7"/> <aCar name="admin_clean_facebook_database" accessLevel="7"/> <aCar name="admin_fb_auto_announce" accessLevel="7"/> (these commands are used for all actions , you can use these actions direcly by writing the command with the necessary tokens) Videos Admin view User view More explaination? If you successfully passed all the above moves: Set your facebook page name in FacebookPageName in facebook.properties Set your Access Token in FacebookApiToken //facebook command will display the panel you just saw /facebook command for users You can add/remove any of the posts that are inside of your page. You can set an automatic reward: You set the number of likes you want to collect from the sum of all the pages you have set, item id, item count. When the likes will be >= the num you set, then all the online players will get the reward you set. The players have to like All the posts you added to take the reward. I am mostly using usercommand handlers , if you will too, then don't forget to add one more line in your commandname-e.dat and edit the id of the command (in FaceBook.java) to your id if you have voiced you can add it there. ================================================================================== This code is made for aCis 371 rev. Note: I havent check it in live server , i just made it in localhost so you have to give a try in my shitty code and check if any bug will appear. If anyone wants the buttons (the blue ones) you can get the utx from here (Thanks Sinister Smile) If someone finds any bug please let me know, i can help. Thank you!
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    3 new monsters with effects for Interlude Download
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    New NPC with Effects and Logo for Halloween. Any chronicle compatible Download High Five 5 Download Interlude
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    Deal with it, I've done that already. In life, not everything is up to us, often we are faced with voluntary or involuntary obstacles. It's all about you to manage to get over them and do not get tired of it because you will fail. After I had this unpleasant experience with this child, I once again confirmed that what I said above is completely and entirely true. Best regards, efegue
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    Do you think this is normal so communicate on the forum with people who make you a remark? You did not answer anything clever, only rudeness and insults. You need to manage brothels and not servers with players.
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    http://prntscr.com/harpt9 Thanks L2 OVC for sharing this with us. I really appreciate you shared this it's first time when I saw this and guess what, he did the same with me, he delayed me with various of excuses, new day, new excuse. He edited a site that strain made, but, I really have nothing personal with Strain, I started to work with him but after a period of time he told me he has very short time and a lot of things to do and we both agreed to end the colaboration, pay the money he deserved and that's all, we' re still friends and we still work together. I gave what Strain did to us, to xDrac and it took him 3 months to make nothing more than Strain did, sorry...2 months because last month he didn't log on skype or when he did he was away or not responding. Maxtor, you should be ashamed for keeping such trashes in your community, we are the ones that we keep Mxc alive not this garbage who scam people, not trolls who throw mud into our projects, not them, WE, We keep your project alive, we pay monthly for banners, for stickies, for ads, were is the justice now? We are sick of being trolled daily, scammed daily by people you agree to stay here in this community, like parasites, as diseases that you can not get rid of.
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    Hello Cheaters, I wanna introduce to you my new Project which is a Desktop Application based on .NET named L2Ninja. Table of Contents : – What is L2Ninja – System Requirements – Objectives – The Plan & Main Features – Feedback and Suggestions – Current State – Future Plans – Reported Bugs – ScreenShots – How to Help ? – Releasing Information - Update Log What is L2Ninja ? L2Ninja is a desktop application based on .NET core that aim to help L2 Server and Client Developers to be able to work with L2 Files and do their routine task easily with the less bugs possible. System Requirements : – Operating System : It’s mainly built for Windows OS, maybe in feature will consider working for a Linux version, have no decision about this yet. Application been developed and pretested on Windows 10 64 bit-based Processor, but should be working fine with Windows 8 and 7. will confirm that when testers prepare their report. – .NET Framework : This Application based on .NET core which means you need the proper .NET version to be installed in order to run it. Required .NET version for this to run is .NET Framework 4.5 . Also there will be two Installer Packages for this Software one of them will be shipped with proper .NET Offline Installer, and the other one without to reduce installer Disk Size. – Disk Space : For the current State and version the application needs approximately 50 MegaBytes as Diskspace Objectives and Aims : First i started this project a private little tool that help me to work with Lineage Development to reduce time and efforts, also i was using a lot of well known tools which was annoying process routine to use about 2 or 3 programs to do a simple task, so i wanted to create a tool that combine what’s needed to do Lineage stuff. It had a very non-organized interface and a mess everywhere but who cares it was just a private thing to make job done no more, after that i decided to make more researches on Lineage communities to see what applications they use and what known bugs are out there to improve my little application … and after some fixes i decided to improve it more to be usable but someone else so i started a Discussion to ask people in MxC community, about what they think about it and how to make it useful to others. By the community members feedback i got new suggestions, ideas and problems that L2 Developers face when working with there daily tasks. At that point i had new objectives : – Create an organized and clean interface – Best User Experience …..by working on Accessibility and Easy to Use concepts to be usable by anyone without very extensive experience requirements – Provide many tools in one application so you can give your Alt-tab a lil mercy – As most Coders/Developers spend a lot of time in front of their screens so they need an Eyes relaxing mechanism, that why i work on multi Interface Colors Schemes so applications users can adjust it to fit better in their working environment lightning – Reliability ….. i got reported by a friend on MxC community that some L2 Tools out there sometimes deletes and corrupt files by mistake, so i try to work hard on reliability and backups mechanism, and the main concept here is to make that application never use your files directly or replace it until it’s verified as a valid modification process. – Listening and Listening then Listening …. i believe that something made for the community should be made by the community it self, that’s why i insist to ask people about their opinions and listen for their problems and suggestions . – Responsibility … wont leave this project and stop updating at least until i can rely on another .NET developer to take the flag so i can take a break then i back again, until then i’ll be responsible for the updates and fixing bugs ( i don’t pretend to be a good coder and will never do but i’ll try my best) – Eyes Catches First … i’ll try to achieve a beautiful interface to make it at least non-disturbing looking if not catchy The Plan & Main Features : – UTX Files : Supporting the main tasks for UTX Files such as decrypting, encrypting, searching inside the file, view items, export a single/multi/all to readable and editable files – System Files (dat, ini, int) : The ability to work with System files and edit them in a more readable way by listing it’s contents into a Grid for more readability, save them back or export, as well as searching, replacing and validation, also providing a new feature which is Applying patch so you can share modifications with others to import it into there system – Splash Tool : Capability of working with L2 Splash Image files with features as encrypt, decrypt, replace original with new one and viewing an encrypted file with respect of Transparency mechanism in Lineage so it will show it after applying the transparency mechanism so you wont see that green and pinky colors. Also the capability of replacing original BMP Splashes with almost any image format and support transparency so the application will process your transparent pixels and apply the original Lineage Transparency Keys and definitions – Server XML Files : Editing XML Server Files visually without caring to open/closing tags, attributes … etc, which can cause big problems for a simple mistake if done by hand. Well we all know that XML Files structure are different so i’ll implement an XSD Validation to detect the XSD that XML uses and apply it to it . But older chronicles pack doesn’t support XSD, in this case i’ll make it skip XSD Validation and just scan the file to detect scheme, but i have plans to add custom XSDs to the application for certain packs like aCis, since it has fans so i can’t skip fans of aCis so application we have a special support for aCis server files – Config Editor : Work with .properties file, i know it’s plain easy to edit files, but why not just having all in one with some extra features and auto complete organized editor – HTML Designer : Not a regular HTML Designer but a special WYSIWYG HTML designer and Editor made for Lineage, how many time you had to start the server and log just to see how the html button will look like or if some color fit or not, it’s just pain also most of us got Critical Errors just for an HTML mistake. – Database Tools Just a little tool that helps you with backups, monitoring and custom modifications such as adding agumentations, change access levels, change passwords, scan for dual boxes and much more … but how can i know the database structure ? Well i’ll implement a database scheme definitions for most known packs (at least known to me) so you can you can select the pack you work with and application will load proper definitions – Icon Finder A tool that help you search and find the icon you want and it will be working in three ways : First : Search by src .. ex. : Icon.blablabla and this will show you the icon preview Second : looking into a list of icons and get the src location of what you selected, based on extensive search into a file you select or default files set by application Third : Search by Item ID, ex. : 57 > will show Adena Icon Also this tool will be integrated into HTML Designer, so you add icons to HTML document on the fly without even know the src for it. – Color Tools Here you will get a color picker so no need to open Photoshop just for picking a color, also get the valid color codes Lineage system files or HTML files – Report Tool So if you got a bug or problem or something you can send me a report without leaving the application and go to forums or emails … etc – Snippets Desktops are screaming nowadays .. everytime we found a good snippet, link, guide … etc we create a new text file to desktop and save it to it, by time ending up with many text files, so with this tool you can save your snippets, todo lists, links in organized categories that’s created by you. – More features coming to futures plans or maybe to current plan if requested by the community Feedback and Suggestions : – Some editors deletes file even when doing the process right Credits : VanGon Status : Fixed – Try to improve it as much as you can Credits : baksteen Status : I’m on it – Being able to import files and create ready to use utx Credits : SweeTs Status : It Supports UTX files operation but working on more operations – You could add drag’n’drop as a optional way to load files Credits : SweeTs Status : Done – add a small ‘preview’ window for the UTX files. So, you can see what icon it is, if you want to see it bigger/detailed, then you click ‘view selected’ button. Credits : SweeTs Status : Done – Improving DDF Files Credits : Sdw Status : Fixed Some as npcgrp.ddf, itemname-e.ddf and need testing to detect other problems to fix - Thing of creating your own project's website, and gather all the traffic from your users there (reports,requests,download etc). Credits : @`NeverMore Status : Published at http://l2ninja.samdev.org - have a script to automatically encrypt+overwrite existing in directory Credit : @big man bill Status : In Progress Current State : – Metro Style Interface – Multi Themes adjustable by use via Application Settings Panel – Encrypt a UTX file with one-click – Decrypt a UTX file with one-click – UTX Browser : Browse UTX Encrypted Files, look inside contents with a grid sortable by type and name, search inside it, export selected textures, export all at once, view selected texture or content, (Adding a live preview without a click) – System File Editor : Open Lineage system Files, Show Contents to a sortable grid, Modify, Search, Replace, Patch, Export to Text File, Save them after validation to original file or another location based on user decision – File Editor Chronicles Support : it support from C3 to GrandCursade – Modified DDF files for the System File Editor to reduce errors and bugs – Splash Tool : Open an Encrypted Lineage Image such as Splash screen and live preview it – Splash Tool Automatic Encryption or Decryption State, so the application will recognize if the loaded image is encrypted or not – Decrypt Encrypted Lineage Image – Convert Encrypted or Decrypted Lineage Images to another Formats – Replace Encrypted Original Lineage Image with none Encrypted Image – Transparent Preserve for L2 Images so you see a transparent image into the preview without green and pink extra colors – Ability to replace original Lineage Bmp Image with non-BMP files with automatic Transparency translation for PNG files to Original Lineage Transparency Mechanism – Drag and Drop Editor : you can now drag and drop a lineage file to the application and it will load the proper tool for it – Shortcuts for most Application Functions - UTX Browser Now have a live preview support which means when you click on a texture from the grid you'll see how it look like in a preview box, and you can click Full Definition Button for full preview - Adapted File Edit Grid with the Selected theme for better visualization Future Plans : I’m aiming high for the future to this application to a very handy tool for Lineage Development progress and make it easy to attach a server project to it to provide a management tool for the server as well as monitoring and maybe it will come with a server pack in future… who knows …. Reported Bugs : will be posted here when receive it from testers …. Screenshots : - Live Preview Added September 2nd - File Edit Theme Adaption : Added 10th September 2017 - Color Detection : Added 10th September 2017 - Advanced Color Picker : Added 10th September 2017 Note : Will add more Screens over time How to help ? Well any hand will be appreciated, here is a list with things i could use a hand at : – Report bug or Problem that exist now days when work with L2 Files – Suggest a Feature or Update or even a simple modification for any thing even if buttons order – Pm me if you can join the project as a Tester to find bugs – Share any opinion with me Releasing Information : The plan is that Project should be Ready on 15th of September, getting more hands and help as listed in “How to help ?” section will make things faster Update Log : - 2nd September 2017 Add Live Preview to UTX Browser > Thanks to @SweeTs Enhance Search Process , you can now just type in and out and it will be processed without a single button click Modify Grids to Adapt automatically with Selected Theme and Style for better Visualization Add Screen shot of Live Preview and Search within UTX Browser - 10th September 2017 - Adapt File Edit Grid with the Selected theme for better visualization - Automatically Detect Colors Parameters and Add it as Background, for accessibility purpose. So you don't need to check how this color looks like anymore - With Double Click on a Colored Element you get an Adobe-Like Color picker, which automatically translate values to the valid syntax of dat files (rgb and rgba) Note : A Video will be available soon
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    No no no. You have to create a new long variable, set the time using system current time + 10sec on kill, then on the switch compare the time if your variable > current time.
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    Hi all here is the template of l2gold.info I think its time to stop copy the REAL l2 gold server, and to start make new server with more unique features. Demo: http://l2gold.info/index.html Download: Click
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    Wand of six elements 7 pcs. Frost, flower, Yaga, rock, 5 shields, etc. Password 250U8dzi139 chronicles Interlude Download
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    Checked on the chronicles Prelude, Interlude, HF, Helios-GameCost, Salvation-Kr. Installation: Put L2Editor folder into the client folder. Some features: Saves packages as Version 123 Licensee 0. Opens native packages 111, 121. Running on the original LineageEffect, LineageEffect_br, LineageWarrior from Salvation. Problems and issues are still enough but I will continue to work on the availability of free time. If you are interested in further development of the project, you can create issues: https://bitbucket.org/lordofdest/l2editor/issues It is desirable with screenshots, video or any info that will help to quickly understand the problem. If you are interested in the source code of this editor, you can contact with me. The options can be as follows: Exchange or simply handing over to people with a normal reputation on the forum. All other questions are also in the PM or Skype lord0fdest. Have a nice day! L2Editor-compile-20.09.2017.7z Sorry for my English.
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    Hello, I stopped playing on l2classic.club and I have a lot of Adena/Items/Chars to sell, the prices on everything are reasonable and negotiable. Chars : SR lvl 70, Prophet lvl 57 EE lvl 61 WL lvl 61 BD lvl 62 Items: BW heavy set +3, BW heavy set+0 BW robe set Eminence bow+13 Homunculus sword +11 BO+5/3 Doom light set top C duals +4 (raidswords) full plate set PL set +3 You can also buy fully geared characters with a discount. leave a message here or send me a PM on the forum.
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    YOUTUBE VIDEO OF CLOAKS Add-ons if for sale. Contacts: Skype: Support_La2-Pro ICQ: 634024371 Personal messages Chronicles: HF and others.
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    It's free share ( by NevesOma for users ). Unique bows for Lineage2 Interlude. If need for HF and others - write me in skype. If you need new unique weapons from Aion - write me in skype. Download for free VIDEO ON YOUTUBE
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    stop crying nabs , noone force you play l2mid , but all this stresses animals that wake up at the morning with thiking how else to he show hes hater attitute on forums like this. l2mid is good server , i can say much better than much others that i played , and i wil give exemple here la2dream.com , that allow some cp's to sell items for real money , and as prooves i can show discuttion betwen me and Alexander or Neo of la2dream saying yes yes they gonna do something but they dind !! SO if you play on l2mid.com you can come say how is svr , but if you DIND EVEN ENETERD SERVER , how can you say is crap server and etc ? i like i wil say your mother is a b1tch no ? i dont know her but i assuse what she is .... wake up brainless people , do something useless with your life than stay here on forums 2/7 waiting for a good post where you can show your fighter attitute behind the computer !!! And now you can comment whatever you want about what i writed , bt this is the true , and i dont give a fuck what some randoms from forum will think !!! I PLAY ON L2 MID , and me MicuTzu i recomand the server !!!
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    Nothing, and it's true by 50%. You should listen to your players but not getting dictated by them. A/W do w/e you want gl and don't listen to this idiot MrPro he knows nothing.
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    Why don't you buy them from their respective sellers and creators?
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    Hello everyone, To clarify everyone, here's a sum of how Warpgate was and is at the moment. Every Interlude Server Warpgate had since 2012 till 2015 lasted for at least 1 year minimum. Their end was due to People leaving, no more stuff to do, everyone was full and we couldn't magnet newcombers. It felt Bored as usual it has always been for every Server. Therefore decided into working in something new, something different: Classic version. Even before anyone knew about it back at 2015, started digging, reviewing, checking everything i could. I had the tools to do it... Until finally Warpgate opened his first Classic (2.0) doors November, 4th 2016 where his vitality lost light after 4 months. Due to unfinished features, lots of problems, and most important things: consistency and solid Gameplay. It wasn't ready, neither perfect, but it was the most complete Classic Server from all private Servers. Everyone knew things could go bad and even like that they put their trust into Warpgate and we gave it a try. After those 4 months, set my mindset into working towards the best complete Private Classic Server ever seen. Started with a new pack and been till today implementing everything from scratch but way more faster as have plenty of Classic content ready. This time kept myself behind the scenes as there are spies from some Private Classic Servers at our Discord. Since Pre Alpha was released, Feedback has just been impressive, not only from old Clans but aswell Solo Players playing elsewhere where there are game breaking issues or cash grab servers. These due to being rushed or just not being complete at all. One of them is club with his 2.0 rushed version. Now there is a big reports section growing each day... There is just not a single Private Classic Server fully ready out there. Warpgate will be ready and announced when everything has been completed with Classic Zaken's 2.1 version. (Yes 2.1 not 2.5 as everyone's mentioning it. 2.1 is from Europe / Russia. 2.5 is King of the Spirits at Korea atm FYI) I want to make sure this time we start with the right foot proving the best and complete retail Classic version this community has ever seen. It's better to start with something complete and that Players trust right away from the beginning, rather then waste it giving it a negative feeling. An example would be: Roller Coaster Tycoon World vs Planet Coaster. Both these games provide the same gameplay focus. While Roller Coaster Tycoon World rushed his release, Planet Coaster stood by fans side and tested / implemented everything before releasing it. In the end Roller Coaster Tycoon World is bugland and just not as fans would expect it giving major negative opinions. On the other side Planet Coaster is everything Roller Coaster Tycoon World wished to be and everyone is enjoying it so far.
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    Hello! It's my unique halloween pack for sale. *. sorry for name helloween -> halloween, a misprint occurred when the source was deleted. Packages: 4 unique pump - accessoryes. 2 hats. Headphones. Pump NPC. 3 cool icons. Splash screen YOU CAN SEE ADDONS ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL: VIEW ADDONS For any chronicles! Contacts: Skype: Support_La2-Pro ICQ: 634024371 Personal messages
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    Hi Here an example of Aggresive monster (Krator ( A golem that send nice wind ball if you try to run away in Cruma Tower) in NPCData. npc_begin warrior 20217 [krator] category={} level=44 exp=23180550 ex_crt_effect=0 unique=0 s_npc_prop_hp_rate=2 race=construct sex=male skill_list={@s_npc_prop_race_construct;@s_npc_prop_hp_lv_m2;@s_npc_prop_mp_lv_p0;@s_npc_prop_pa_lv_n1;@s_npc_prop_ma_lv_n1;@s_npc_prop_pd_lv_p5;@s_npc_prop_md_lv_p3;@s_npc_prop_armor_type_n;@s_npc_prop_weapon_type_blunt;@s_npc_resist_sleep_ex5;@s_npc_resist_poison_ex5;@s_npc_resist_bleed_ex5;@s_npc_resist_bow1;@s_npc_weakness_blunt1} slot_chest=[] slot_rhand=[] slot_lhand=[] collision_radius={20;25} collision_height={31;37.5} hit_time_factor=0.41 hit_time_factor_skill=-1 ground_high={23;0;0} ground_low={23;0;0} str=40 int=21 dex=30 wit=20 con=43 men=20 org_hp=1138.62924 org_hp_regen=5.5 org_mp=584 org_mp_regen=2.1 base_attack_type=blunt base_attack_range=40 base_damage_range={0;0;80;120} base_rand_dam=50 base_physical_attack=222.23112 base_critical=1 physical_hit_modify=9 base_attack_speed=253 base_reuse_delay=0 base_magic_attack=151.75505 base_defend=173.43552 base_magic_defend=126.91259 base_attribute_attack={none;0} base_attribute_defend={20;20;20;20;20;20;0} physical_avoid_modify=0 shield_defense_rate=0 shield_defense=0 safe_height=100 soulshot_count=0 spiritshot_count=0 clan={@porta_clan} ignore_clan_list={} clan_help_range=400 undying=0 can_be_attacked=1 corpse_time=7 no_sleep_mode=0 agro_range=1000 passable_door=0 can_move=1 flying=0 has_summoner=0 targetable=1 show_name_tag=1 npc_ai={[krator];{[MoveAroundSocial]=116};{[MoveAroundSocial1]=116};{[MoveAroundSocial2]=116};{[IsAggressive]=1};{[AttackRange]=2};{[Skill02_Check_Dist]=1};{[Skill02_Dist_Min]=700};{[Attack_DecayRatio]=30};{[SoulShot]=100};{[SoulShotRate]=10};{[SpiritShot]=100};{[SpiritShotRate]=5};{[LongRangeGuardRate]=5};{[Skill02_ID]=@s_mega_storm_strike_for_slow4}} event_flag={1} unsowing=0 acquire_exp_rate=4.130438 acquire_sp=522 acquire_rp=0 corpse_make_list={{[silver_nugget];1;3;52.4276};{[orcish_glaive_blade];1;1;2.056};{[rp_earing_of_protection];1;1;13.3744}} additional_make_list={} additional_make_multi_list={{{{[adena];1032;2115;100}};70};{{{[mithril_boots];1;1;0.2489};{[mithril_boots_design];1;1;10.8622};{[chain_boots];1;1;0.2489};{[chain_boots_part];1;1;10.8622};{[karmian_boots];1;1;0.2489};{[karmian_boots_fabric];1;1;10.8622};{[plate_leather_boots];1;1;0.2489};{[plate_leather_boots_lining];1;1;10.8622};{[dwarven_chain_boots];1;1;0.2489};{[dwarven_chain_boots_part];1;1;10.8622};{[boots_of_seal];1;1;0.2489};{[boots_of_seal_pattern];1;1;10.8622};{[reinforce_mithril_gloves];1;1;0.2489};{[reinforce_mithril_gloves_design];1;1;10.8622};{[chain_gloves];1;1;0.2489};{[chain_gloves_design];1;1;10.8622};{[karmian_gloves];1;1;0.2489};{[karmian_gloves_fabric];1;1;10.8623}};5.6958};{{{[thread];1;1;74.1443};{[silver_nugget];1;1;14.8289};{[iron_thread];1;1;3.7072};{[compound_braid];1;1;2.4715};{[rp_earing_of_protection];1;1;1.8914};{[rp_demon's_hose];1;1;0.8059};{[rp_stiletto];1;1;0.1292};{[rp_adv_comp_bspiritshot_c];1;1;0.1236};{[general_46_c];1;1;1.4829};{[special_46_c];1;1;0.3707};{[rare_46_c];1;1;0.0371};{[unique_46_c];1;1;0.0073}};27.849}} ex_item_drop_list={} npc_end Now the part you need to change is in "npc_ai" (still in this line not AI.obj only NPCDATA.TXT is needed to make a monstrer aggresive: {[IsAggressive]=1}; 1 mean it is aggresive 0 mean passive simple as that :) Now be sure to check it's aggresive range agro_range=1000 in general most of high level skill that 900-1000 for mage. (600 for buffs if i am right) also if you want to link your monster each other put them in "clan" clan={@porta_clan} ignore_clan_list={} clan_help_range=400 This mean Krator is in porta clan and will agro you if you hit anything from that clan in distance of 400 from him not you :P (I think if you played a bit Lineage you know what this mean)
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    New! Auto Augment Service: For Private / Smart Only. Augmentation service is time-tested and does not need additional presentation.
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    Hi ! I have find no information about it and told the solution over a help topic so to help those who need it here a tiny guide to be able to use "Dimensional Merchan" aka Vitamin Manager. It is a feature that send item from SQL to player without any server reboot or commands needed. Al it need is a player restart if he/she were online when you executed SQL Command. (it does //premium_item command over SQL and for all player.) So let start, I assume in this guide that you start with a server shutdown.) :) Know Issue(s) : You can not send any non stackable items like full. Required : Gracia final and or highter (I can not tell if any other chronicle work !) MyExt. Now let enable that NPC to spawn and allow feature in "MyExt64.ini" ; Enables Vitamin Manager EnableVitaminManager = true ; Enables withdrawing of non-premium items through Vitamin Manager EnableVitaminManagerNonPremiumItems = true be sure to have these Enabled. Now let add the line to be able to retrieve item (in case you do no have it at base like me.) so for that open "e_premium_manager001.htm" (it was it for me.) And add this line : <a action="bypass -h menu_select?ask=1&reply=1"><font color="LEVEL">Retrieve a Dimensional Item</font></a><br> So in the end it look like that(Attention that totaly unofficial html but working one.) <html> <head> </head> <body> Dimensional Merchant:<br> Greetings, adventurer! I know I may look strange to you, but I have traveled through time and space, scouring the corners of reality, to bring you the finest wares in all the land. <br> My agents are collecting rarities, trinkets, and treasures the likes of which you have never seen. They have returned, with several unusual items, maybe some have been shared to you. <br> <a action="bypass -h menu_select?ask=1&reply=1"><font color="LEVEL">Retrieve a Dimensional Item</font></a><br> <a action="bypass -h menu_select?ask=2&reply=1">Exchange a Minion Coupon for a Minion pet</a><br> <a action="link e_premium_manager009.htm">Exchange a Premium Minion Coupon for a Premium Minion pet</a><br> </body> </html> now here my AI section for this npc in case you do not have it but it is not modified, it was not required at all on Gracia final) Now your server should be able to receive Item from SQL So try to launch it with npc and while it boot we will "fix" SQL table "user_premium_item" to auto increment warehouse_no field. if your already does and you have populated it you can skip to next step. If not make a backup of your SQL database and drop "user_premium_item" and execute this mssql script (it will re-create user_premium_item with auto increment field :)) : IF NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM sys.objects WHERE object_id = OBJECT_ID(N'[dbo].[user_premium_item]') AND type in (N'U')) BEGIN CREATE TABLE [dbo].[user_premium_item]( [warehouse_no] [bigint] NOT NULL IDENTITY, [buyer_id] [int] NOT NULL, [buyer_char_id] [int] NULL, [buyer_char_name] [nvarchar](50) NULL, [recipient_id] [int] NOT NULL, [recipient_char_id] [int] NULL, [recipient_char_name] [nvarchar](50) NULL, [server_receive_date] [datetime] NOT NULL CONSTRAINT [DF_premium_service_server_receive_date] DEFAULT (getdate()), [item_id] [int] NOT NULL, [item_amount] [bigint] NOT NULL, [item_remain] [bigint] NOT NULL, [ibserver_delete_date] [datetime] NULL, CONSTRAINT [PK_user_premium_item] PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED ( [warehouse_no] ASC )WITH (IGNORE_DUP_KEY = OFF) ON [PRIMARY] ) ON [PRIMARY] END GO now that you got proper Database and server that just wait you. We will first try it on your builder character. So execute this code but pay attention you 4 id to change and 1 string ! INSERT INTO user_premium_item (buyer_id, buyer_char_id, buyer_char_name, recipient_id, recipient_char_id, recipient_char_name, item_id, item_amount, item_remain, ibserver_delete_date) SELECT Builder Account ID, Builder Character ID of the accound ID, 'Name of the character', Account ID that will receive the item, 0 <- leave it to zero any character from accound can receive it, null <- if 0 leave to null. , 8659 <- Item ID, 5 <- Quantity sent, 5 <- Remaining quantity, null <- Delete item Date (null to keep it for ever) GO here an example I made. builder account id is 13 character id on this account is 65 it's name is LineageTwo This character sent 8685 (a sweet chest :D) 5 time to it's account. INSERT INTO user_premium_item (buyer_id, buyer_char_id, buyer_char_name, recipient_id, recipient_char_id, recipient_char_name, item_id, item_amount, item_remain, ibserver_delete_date) SELECT 13, 65, 'LineageTwo', 13, 0, null, 8659, 5, 5, null GO Now it should look like that : Now to send an item too all we just need to mode a tiny bit. INSERT INTO user_premium_item (buyer_id, buyer_char_id, buyer_char_name, recipient_id, recipient_char_id, recipient_char_name, item_id, item_amount, item_remain, ibserver_delete_date) SELECT Builder Account ID, Builder Character ID of the accound ID, 'Name of the character', uid, <- leave it that way, it will fetch all uid from user_account table. 0, <- same as before it is to all character from the account to get it null, <- not required if no id as character as be provided. 8659, <- Item ID 5, <- Item Quantity 5, <- Item Quantity remaing null <- delete item at the date provided. FROM lin2db.dbo.user_account so for a working example with same builder account and id + name than previous example here it is : INSERT INTO user_premium_item (buyer_id, buyer_char_id, buyer_char_name, recipient_id, recipient_char_id, recipient_char_name, item_id, item_amount, item_remain, ibserver_delete_date) SELECT 13, 65, 'LineageTwo', uid, 0, null, 8659, 5, 5, null FROM lin2db.dbo.user_account It will look like the previous screenshot but for all players. So in short with this method you can easly send item to all character from SQLwithout needing to reboot server. I can be userfull for reward from a game over php page, a donation system and many many things :) Hope you enjoy
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    There are always ways to reduce the effect of the bots by doing good gameplay design. For some reason people think that the only way to gain gear and do progress is to kill monsters which is not true.
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    I will join you never know what is going to pup out from the hut ..i wish you luck......
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    [Changelog 19.10.2017] Website has been launched. Client has been released.
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    skillgrp - set all debuffs to buffs (then display time) and edit interface.u if good remember abnormalwnd (or something xd) to set backtex (if i not wrong) with debuff texture
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    Such an ignorant. If it had to do with ads or stupid popups you'd have someone fixing it stat. It's your forum, not ours.
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    show him $$$ and it will be fixed in 10min ;D // np ban incoming?
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    There is nothing to discuss anymore :D
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    We leaked a year ago or so, we were about to drop and decided to help one of us which was in rough patch. All benefit went into reimbursement of expense and getting him in track, that's not needed anymore. Helping a friend in real need felt like the right call.
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