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  2. WTB Looking for. dev.!?

    i read with phone, this pict not showings)
  3. WTS L2Lionna [Adena/Items]

    TY ! very good!
  4. WTS L2Lionna [Adena/Items]

    Good trader, no problem
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  6. [L2Off] L2Red

    just run updater
  7. [L2j] Einhasad

    fail name lol :D
  8. [L2OFF] Dragon-Network

    i`m sure u will have low number of players, because we all know how corrupted you are. On top of the list is Trackzero, after i refuse him to give him my db+16, 1`st on server and trade with db+15+ rb full set+ craps, i got perma ban, amazing action. Like on last 2 servers u did a nice epic fail with 300 players online on primetime and 500 at start. You don`t deserve any attention from players.
  9. [L2J] Legendary Eternal-Sin

    sorry but i dont understand what do you mean with 1 package.
  10. This is awesome. Beautiful work, I hope it will continue.
  11. [L2J] Legendary Eternal-Sin

    I looked at your photos, it feels like there was only 1 package on your project
  12. L2Maxcheaters
  13. [L2J] La2Axe

    New Players Bonus! All players from September 17 till September 22 23:00 will get: After 1st class: Pirate Hat After 2nd class: 3 TOP 76lvl Life Stones After 3rd class: 3 Books Of Giants Destroyer Event! First five players who will collect 300 PVP Points will receive 15 FA bonus! LINEAGE2 INTERLUDE X100 LA2AXE.NET
  14. [L2J] Legendary Eternal-Sin

    Our website updated with the old one template of eternal sin since 2005: we like to bring back our old nostalgia memories dont miss it! Eternal Sin 2005-2017 / join us our forum and write us our opinion!
  15. WTS Adena 1.1 Euro - 1B 100B in STOCK + Items Accept: / Qiwi / YandexMoney / WMR / WMZ / WMU / WME / Paypal Skype: (my profile skype)
  16. Payment paysafe/moneysafe. Knowledge:Interlude. For more info send me PM here. Thnx in advance.
  17. WTB ACP

    Account Control Panel?
  18. Combat readiness! Team Einhasad announces the long-awaited opening of the server MultiCraft 100 Grand Opening MultiCraft x100 server The server will be opened on September 26 at 20:00 Moscow time! There can be no doubt, you must attend to this discovery. Our professional approach to our work fully justifies your time spent. We present you a playground with live online from 700 players on the INTERLUDE platform! We bring to your attention the classic MultiCraft x100 server as part of the project The server will be opened on September 26 at 20:00 Moscow time. We have prepared for you a classic server Lineage 2, which combines the maximum balance of all classes and races, the minimum denote, which in no way affects the gameplay! Why is it worth paying attention to our project? One of the best assemblies INTERLUDE will allow you to feel all the mechanics of the game, as it was on the official server. The best implementation of INTERLUDE is CT0 on the Java platform. The advertising campaign after the start of the server does not allow you to go online to a critical minimum. Professional Technical support from the Administration with experience of more than 4 years! Opening the server September 26 at 20:00 in Moscow, what awaits you? Perfect start, without DDoS attacks, and delays. The absence of items affecting the game process in the Doneyt store. When starting immediately 10 level and Top No Grade equipment. Resp Barakiel and Einhasad boss begins with the start of the server! The first launch of the Olympics on September 26 at 18:00, the first Heroes on October 2 at 12:00 on Moscow time! The first siege of October 1. The opening of the OBT on September 24 at 18:00 in Moscow, what awaits you? When you start, you get 1000 Gold Bar, Coin of Luck, Einhasad Coin For a while, the chance of sharpening to +6 is 100%. During the MBT, the chat room is visible in all cities OBR closes on September 25 at 23:50 Moscow time. Actions and contests
  19. Lineage 3 screenshots: 

  20. L2Maxcheaters

    Can we get more info about server? Like NPC buffers? GM shops ? e.t.c
  21. Finally a xdat editor version that actually works. Thanks alot :)
  22. hi, we offer pwlvl on Skelth from 1 till 78 lvl, but we are not work with
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