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  2. sold , or sell ? however i can give this patch free to anyone , just pm me :)
  3. Hello MaxCheaters, Recently i tried to make new addition to my server, but i once again need your help to get there. I've been searching a lot into client files, about how to change the Grade Icon, or add one to items that doesn't have (ex. Adena) and i found out they are variables into grp files located in system folder. They vary from 1 till 5 as each number represents different grade. 1. D 2.C 3.B 4.A 5.S What i need is , HOW to add new grade ? I don't want to edit the ones that already exist. (I don't need it to be updated into database, where u set item grade so it can be enchanted) so it could work only through client as for the grades i`m gonna use ain't gonna be enchantable items. There's a file symbolname-e that contains numbers/ID's from 101 till 105 for every grade as well as pointed path to its texture / ex. symbol.grade_s / , but that doesn't help me to just add new and change the numbers into grp files. Why? Because at symbolname, ID is 101 and into grp is number from 1-5.... and i`m stuck. Please if u have clue about it, let me know. [ Let's keep the topic only on the subject, without any offtopic materials. Thank you.]
  4. Good evening. Sold patch with the implementation of languages RU_EN, as you can add any other language on request. Also to the patch are the interface bonuses. In more detail I can show at the demonstration. All copyrights are removed upon purchase.
  5. If you can't run the program, maybe you should ask someone else to do the job for you, idunno x_x
  6. [L2J] L2Bezaleel

    Gl with your server and i have one proffer for you change this website ....
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  8. Farming to make clan lvl up and pvp if you are interested check it out.
  9. if (getActiveChar().getParty() != null) getActiveChar().getParty().removePartyMember(getActiveChar(), MessageType.DISCONNECTED
  10. [L2j]-PvP Fun Dion

    there's a lot of pvp, but i see that hype from 1st day is over. balance isnt well, but not too bad. playable server. but some things should be changed.
  11. [L2j]-PvP Fun Dion

  12. [L2J] L2Hype

    You are right, finally I got to farm against and it seems like u wrote. :)
  13. WTS Lineage 2 Lionna

    I have to sell +- 30 bilion on Lineage 2 Lionna. Messege, or skype , or Adrian Karolak
  14. [L2j]-PvP Fun Dion

    server without balance ..
  16. Hi Guys . i need developer speak turkish pls contact :) im sorry for my english
  17. Items: SET Vorpal Light +6 1800 ( PvP ) Vesper Nagan +6 Health 300 Foundation ( Almost PvP ) Top Belt PvP Skill attack +6 T-shirt HP +6 Cloak Of Freya Earring Of Zaken, Vesper Earring, Necklace Of Frintezza, Vorpal Rings. All 3rd skills are +15. Others are +20-25 except AOE. 3 subclasses and noblesse. Add me on Skype if you need more info: sespena
  18. Hello,im selling adena on l2lionna price depends on the best price you already have,i give better :) stock 150b skype : Kotopuolo
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