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  2. Today morning in console i see: INFO Olympiad System: Loading Olympiad System.... INFO Olympiad System: Currently in Olympiad Period INFO Olympiad System: 6 days, 4 hours and 5 mins. until period ends INFO Olympiad System: Next weekly change in 0 days, 1 hours and 57 mins. INFO Olympiad System: Loaded 0 Nobles INFO Olympiad System: Competition Period Starts in 0 days, 10 hours and 5 mins. INFO Olympiad System: Event starts/started : Sat Nov 18 18:00:01 EET 2017 INFO Hero System: Loaded 0 Heroes. INFO Hero System: Loaded 0 all time Heroes. So, what do you think SweeTs, when heroes will be formed? Which day and hour?
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  4. what photoshop IDIOTA ? where u see the photoshop :) wait for the video inc. Idiota i told bad move !!!!
  5. [L2OFF] L2Mid

    We can see whos bastard now :) i hope ull spend all money on ur cancer
  6. if (party != null&&subPlayers.getParty() == null) party.addPartyMember(subPlayers);
  7. Hello, I am representative of l2 latin community (interlude version). If u want players from south america in your server simple contact me via Skype: Nasiferus I will give u all info about this. Regards!
  8. Latin Community * [YapaTeam]

    Hablame por privado ahora que estamos en un nuevo servidor
  9. ok found one solution. I see all object id start at 26*******, example 268438424, for web donate system i make start id 16*******, example 160000001 with incresement, maybe its not good? so why in every server object id start with 26*******???
  10. this shit replace me insered item from web donate system. private void updateInDb() { if (Config.ASSERT) assert _existsInDb; if (_wear) return; if (_storedInDb) return; Connection con = null; try { con = L2DatabaseFactory.getInstance().getConnection(false); PreparedStatement statement = con.prepareStatement("UPDATE items SET owner_id=?,count=?,loc=?,loc_data=?,enchant_level=?,price_sell=?,price_buy=?,custom_type1=?,custom_type2=?,mana_left=? " + "WHERE object_id = ?"); statement.setInt(1, _ownerId); statement.setInt(2, getCount()); statement.setString(3,; statement.setInt(4, _locData); statement.setInt(5, getEnchantLevel()); statement.setInt(6, _priceSell); statement.setInt(7, _priceBuy); statement.setInt(8, getCustomType1()); statement.setInt(9, getCustomType2()); statement.setInt(10, getMana()); statement.setInt(11, getObjectId()); statement.executeUpdate(); _existsInDb = true; _storedInDb = true; DatabaseUtils.close(statement); statement = null; } catch (final Exception e) { if (Config.ENABLE_ALL_EXCEPTIONS) e.printStackTrace(); LOGGER.error("Could not update item " + getObjectId() + " in DB: Reason: "); e.printStackTrace(); } finally { CloseUtil.close(con); con = null; } if (_existsInDb) fireEvent(, (Object[]) null); } any solution? or ideas?
  11. WTS NECRO 71 Skelth eu classic or WTT for EE 69+ 224 xp scrool normal 18 xp scrool high +12win -5men
  12. Hello is possible? Im with php insered item, example: INSERT INTO `items` (`owner_id`,`object_id`,`item_id`,`count`,`enchant_level`,`loc`,`loc_data`,`custom_type1`,`custom_type2`,`mana_left`) VALUES ('".$char['obj_Id']."',(SELECT MAX(object_id)+1 FROM items AS object_id),'".$item."','1','".$row['enchant_level']."','INVENTORY',0,0,0,-1) then at same time game server overwrite me insered item with same object id? because some time it just put without any error, but in table the row wrong.. cant find problem
  13. Staffer Promotions for

    I just guess ge tries to say that the guy had a good attitude and was modest even if he got scammed? so he is not a kid that aim for a position, thag's what i think at least
  14. [L2J] Playinera

    Sorry it's been quite some time since I've had a chance to update this thread. The last update was fairly substantial so we think it is essential to go through each of changes carefully. We will also discuss the reasons behind some of the changes and what we plan to do in the future for the various systems that we operate on. This includes the blood pool and the blood price, both of which are the underlying foundation of the INERA server. So without further ado let us jump right into it: Various Bugs As usual various bugs were fixed. Ray has done a fantastic job on keeping up with the bug report list. Many of them have been resolved and will continue to be dealt with on the regular. This will occur regardless of the population or activity of the server. We still have a long ways to go until our files can be considered 99.9% retail but ultimately that is our goal. Blood Pool Venustia and her blood pool have changed drastically. We noticed that players were simply not willing to contribute to the pool, as they coveted their items more so than the pool itself, which in the end was not too much of a surprise. As such, the blood stones donated to the pool will now be automatic. Half of all the blood stones you acquire will be donated into a pool, in addition to the ones you acquire. Before you panic, this means that if you collect 2 stones, you will receive 2 stones, and an extra stone will be put into the pool. In other words, you do not lose any blood stones, and only farming monsters will increase the blood pool. To unlock the pool further, the only thing you really need to do is farm monsters and it will begin to unlock automatically. The temple of blood as a result has been removed and you can no longer donate blood stones. Venustia’s Blessing is still available for unlocking it is now tied to farming monsters, however. This essentially means that unlocking content is now directly linked to killing monsters on a global scale and not at the mercy of players to donate their loot. Vote Rewards The vote rewards have been changed to accommodate room for bloody parchments. Voting will now grant you bloody parchments to be spent on the parchments shop via Venustia. An example of the shop and the vote reward can be found in the images below. It is important to vote for our server, even if you dislike the process, it helps us grow and spread the word that we are still active as a community despite what others may think or conclude. Event Engine The events will now be automated and will provide bloody parchments as a reward. These parchments can be used to purchase various goods from Venustia in Giran. The winners will receive more parchments than the losers. Additional checks for HWID have been added so players cannot register multiple boxes. The maps and locations of the events have been changed entirely and now better suit the environment and intent of the event. Parchments Shop We’ve added a whole new shop to Venustia which has items in exchange for bloody parchments, items you can acquire from participating in events or by voting. There are many new goodies to look forward to and we wish you the best of luck in acquiring them! Below you will find an example of the shop, if you feel that you would like to see additional items in that shop feel free to suggest them in the forum. We’ll certainly consider it. New UI for Venustia / Shops A visual overhaul of the inventory UI and store functions has been implemented. The UI is modern and provides more information on the items and transactions. It also allows for your inventory to be open whilst purchasing goods.
  15. Base Features: Starting Level: 85 Max Level: 95 Safe Enchant: +7 Max Enchant on A: +35 Max Enchant on S: +30 Max Enchant on Unique/Epic/Relic: +25 Enchant Rates: Rates displayed on scrolls descriptions. Custom Weapons / Armors. Customized Accessories with stats. Custom Farm Zones (Cave of Trials - Primeval Isle - Forbidden Gateway). PvP Zones (Hunters Village - Gludin Village). Over 50 Raids with custom drops. Wondrous Cubic to fast access some services. Mp and Hp consumption over time from buffs/toggles have been removed. Custom Features: By pressing shift+click on any monster you can see it's stats/drops: You can simply add/remove a buff without damaging your scheme! Easy to create schemes of your current buffs: Custom Soulshot effects based on your weapons enchant / tier! Using our own interface for a more comfortable gameplay AEPvP Event Engine features: Highly optimised and efficient code to handle thousands of players on the events even if more than one events are currently running Can run multiple events simutaniously Leave - Reconnect System N amount of teams even on complex cases like CTF AEPvP Supported Events: Ruins of Agony (TeamVsTeam). Ruins of Despair - Triple TvT Event(TeamVsTeamVsTeam). Cruma Tower - Capture the Flag (CTF). Mirror DeathMatch (MirrorDM) * 2 different rooms everytime you die you change room fighting different people. Super Powers DeathMatch (SP-DM) * 4 arenas in each arena there are areas that give you an exclusive boost buff when you're in it. Highly optimised and efficient code to handle thousands of players on the events even if more than one events are currently running.
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  17. Staffer Promotions for

    Administrator because he reported someone? Ok ill close my net, close my pc and go to sleep. Enough internet for today. Goodnight sir.
  18. there is real conversation.
  19. [L2OFF] L2Mid

    Here guys i present you more prooves about our dear corrupted SkyLord , a video with a lot of screenshots , enjoy :) and share it please to everyone know about it !!!! And Skylord: FUCK YOU _)_
  20. Staffer Promotions for

    I would recommend efegue for one of the following positions: - L2OFF Developer - Global Moderator - Gold since he's from 2006 here Not sure if you can give Administrator ranks but if yes he is definitely good for this position since he is a top quality community manager, he can chill the angry spirits anytime, is a patient guy, he thinks before he speaks, he consults before he act. He is capable to do good things, he is dedicated and he is daily activating in this domain, to be honest I don't even know if he wants but I met him, I know him and I am sure he is good on what he does. Developer, Global Moderator and especially a great Administrator. I believe he proved that he is not like others in his report, he's a modest person, he doesn't like to show up and let everybody know "Who is him" he simply do good stuff and people noticed that. Evoke had a 2.2k real online players, a 6 month server which is still running, experience in L2 since 10+years. If others think the same than he definitely deserves it.
  21. In this topic you can suggest anyone which you believe is capable for staffer at Dont forget to include your thoughts / opinion for your suggestions. Do not spam.
  22. Discussion L2Mid SkyLord GM exposed

    If this is photoshopped why don't you show us real conversations?
  23. treshak treshak what u are trying to do mate :) download photoshop and create these fake screens with high quality.
  24. Report xDrac

    relax. user xdrac banned since we got no replies. topic locked.
  25. [L2J] L2Aaron

  26. Lineage II: Beyond Interlude+ Launch Date: Mid-December We would like to announce our upcoming new server called Beyond and take this opportunity to invite you all and your friends. This server extends the limits of what an Interlude client can offer to its community and players, and after hard work and countless of hours of developing we are ready to reveal Beyond to the public. The main goal of Beyond is to produce countless PvP through our unique features based on ideas this community has had for a long time. Below you will find a draft of our features but bare in mind we cannot reveal everything in detail as we would love to see you guys exploring them as you advance. General Classic Interface Dynamic XP: 35x (20x, Lv. 70 - 80) Party XP: 1.5x SP: 80x Adena: 30x Enchant Safe: +3 (+4 for main armor pieces) Max. weapon enchant: +12 Max. armor enchant: +6 Same stands for the Grand Olympiad Games GM Shops Enhanced NPC buffing system Custom gatekeeper with enhanced teleports and noblesse access S-Grade equipment custom upgrades to extend end-game Weekly sieges with great rewards Daily epic and custom raid bosses as well as TvT event Customized Grand Olympiad Games every weekend with weekly heroes Unique main town and farming areas Customized quests for sub-class, noblesse, pets and PK Other Information Bot-less environment (Actively making sure players do not abuse 3rd party programs) Auto-consume mana, healing and CP potions New max. number of capacity for clans and alliances as well as clan CRP system Modified olympiad shop for more various goods New area for Zaken epic raid boss Newly developed teleporting system for epic raid bosses The information mentioned above, clearly, does not cover every modified and/or unique feature developed for Beyond, however they are more likely to give everyone an idea of what to expect on this new server. Every feature implemented is, mainly, focused on producing PvP between individuals and groups or clans. You can find more information on our forums We will be more than happy to see your questions and suggestions posted there. We are looking forward to seeing and welcoming you to Beyond very soon. Kind Regards, Lineage II Beyond Staff.
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